the fuel her awesome podcast

Food Freedom, Body Love, Intuitive Eating & Nutrition Coaching

Welcome to the Fuel Her Awesome Podcast! It’s time to break up with dieting and body bullying and choose to live boldly in that bodacious body of yours!

If you have had enough of your inner-AWESOME being eclipsed by body hate and the ocean of nutrition info out there and you are ready to finally find food freedom to become the most energized, healthiest version of yourself…

GIRL, this podcast is for you!

Find confidence, food freedom, faith, and body empowerment through science-based nutrition, energizing foods, WITH a little wiggle room. Because let’s be honest, donuts are delish and a little wine does the body good.

Hey I’m Jess, a body bully warrior, registered dietitian specializing, and food freedom guru. 

I believe that when we stop letting culture define health, beauty, and what we should and shouldn’t eat, we can finally LIVE FREE in our own bodies.

Are you ready to channel your inner awesome on another level?

Think we'd go together like peanut butter & jelly?

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