Are protein supplements helpful?

What is whey protein?

Can I have whey protein if I am lactose intolerant?

So many questions about protein supplements, and who better to ask than a microbiologist who created a protein powder?

On today’s show, Darcy Haggith joins us. He is the leader and founder of Gruppo Nutrition and Polar Joe. He is here to share with us his journey to building a successful protein powerhouse, how he finds work-life balance, why he believes in meeting your protein needs, and what to look for when choosing a protein supplement.

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As a dietitian, I am a big fan of whey protein. Whey’s superpowers include a high concentration of the amino acid leucine, which is responsible for turning on your muscle-rebuilding process. This specific protein becomes increasingly important as we get into our 30s and beyond. It is also quick digesting making it an awesome post-workout choice. These benefits are especially prominent in high-quality protein powders. Whey is a protein derived from cow’s milk. When you purchase a whey isolate protein powder, you will get all the benefits of whey with very little lactose. Other forms of whey may be whey concentrate or a general whey blend. These options possess the benefits of whey, however, they are not as pure. Meaning they may contain higher amounts of lactose or other proteins found in cow’s milk. If you are lactose intolerant and want to try whey, I recommend trying out an isolated form first.

It is also a great option after a workout.

For most people, hunger hormones are really high or unexpectedly low after a workout. Either way, our body needs fuel after we exercise. Adding a whey protein powder after a workout is an excellent way to meet your fueling needs. This helps manage hunger for those who might be exceptionally hungry. It can also be a resource for fuel for those who aren’t hungry after their exercise sessions. Of course, in true empowered eating fashion, when you include protein powder it is important to always listen to your biofeedback and adjust accordingly. Still hungry? Add in a bowl of yogurt and berries! Feeling full? Feel confident that you have reached your protein needs and the fullness will pass in about an hour.

As a working mama who is always on the go, I LOVE whey protein.

It allows me easy access to protein without the hassle and all the convenience. It has become a habit of mine to never leave the house without one of these ready to take. My current favorite is Polar Joe’s Low Sugar Cold Brew. I like this option because I can use it for all fueling purposes! If it is an on-the-go snack, this low-sugar option provides protein, a bit of caffeine, and only a few grams of sugar. This way I can budget my carb intake from a fiber-dense source such as an apple or orange on the go.

If I want to add this powder as a protein source after my workout— I again have a great option!

I add it to a sweetened milk substitute to increase the carbohydrate content as I know I will need that to refuel. My current favorite combo is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Oat milk (YUM!) Mixed with 2 scoops of Polar Joe’s Low Sugar Cold Brew. OH! And a little bonus tip here— caffeine after a workout enhances the rate your body moves fuel into your cells. Talk about a PERFECT post-workout snack!

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    Cheers, and happy eating! 

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