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While nutrition is highly individualized, these resources below are general nutrition tips that can kick start your nutrition skills. These resources are provided to you by Valerie Gately, RD and owner of Feeding Our Athletes. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

what can I expect from a nutrition appointment?

Your nutrition session will be 30-60 minutes long. In this time, the dietitian will get to know you, your training schedule, your goals, your health history, and your typical food intake. Based on this intake and your goals, you will work together to come up with specific nutrition interventions to help you maximize your athletic performance with nutrition. Jess is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and has been with UNM for 3.5 years. Valerie is working toward her sports certification and is currently interning with UNM under Jess’ supervision.

do you provide meal plans or menus? Will you make me count my calories?

We work closely with you to create nutrition interventions that meet your needs, work toward your goals, and cater to your nutrition preferences. We have TONS of tools in our tool box to make this happen including menus, fuel plan framework, customized pre/post workout snacks, and more! While calorie counting is sometimes an option, we don’t typially recommend it and like to work with you to create sustainable dietary interventions that are based on portioning instead of numbers. Please speak directly with your dietitian to communicate what best supports you.

how much does a session cost?

NOTHING! We are FREE to you and provided to you by UNM Athletics. Thank you Lobos! 

what if I can't make any of the available appointment times work?

No problem! We understand being a student athlete means you are juggling a busy schedule. If you need to request a unique appointment time, please reach out to us directly. Jess can be reached at and Valerie can be reached at

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