How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


Biofeedback is a key component of Empowered Eating. Biofeedback captures what our body says about or how it responds to the way we move and feed it. The best place to start understanding biofeedback is learning and understanding hunger. Learning how to identify your hunger and discover your fullness is something I cover in detail in my e-course Food Foundations.

But as for today… I am hitting on the #1 key to understanding biofeedback: You much be willing to listen and learn. There is no pass/fail. In order to create a partnership with food and our body, we must learn to listen. And when we listen, it doesn’t mean we are always going to like what we hear.

I had a client with the most wonderful biofeedback story. She was one who loved cereal for dinner. I mean, first of all, who doesn’t love cereal for dinner? I think we all understand and relate!

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There are so many thoughts that came up for her.  “I shouldn’t have cereal for dinner. It is too high in carbs, there is no protein. But it is so good….” If we can stop the madness for a second, and make room for biofeedback there is so much to learn here. My amazing client tapped into this and thought: “What if instead of trying to fight this, I accept it and observe?” And so she did. She ate cereal for dinner. Yes, it tasted great.

However, once she was able to set down shame and judgment, she was able to see that although the cereal tasted good— it didn’t feel good. She woke up the next morning feeling sluggish. She then allowed herself to test this out 2 more times! Which I celebrated big time! Because this meant she was curious and wasn’t judging herself.

The coolest part is that in doing this she was able to identify that while she COULD have cereal for dinner if she wanted to, it wasn’t something that energized her. She took this even further and recognized that it didn’t serve her and her values because she needed more energy in the mornings! Biofeedback is a beautiful tool, but we must be willing to set down the judgment to access it.

Here again, is where we can lean into our faith. We can rest assured that our body will be ok because God made it more resilient than we give it credit for. WE have space for grace and there is no need for perfection here.

As we kick off 2023, we are building our skills strong to stand on the empowered eating platform. I know fear of failure is real, and trusting the process doesn’t come easy- combine this with all the sparkly new diets that make their way to our socials and the headlines… it is confusing and overwhelming!

I am so glad you are here! I’m Jess, dietitian, wifey, boy mom, and total science and nutrition research junkie. I ask a lot of my body, I don’t have the option to mistreat it mentally or physically. I want to invite you to the Empowered Eating Club where we make values-based, faith-led health goals and create a partnership with food that pairs biofeedback (a fancy word for what your body says about the food you eat) and nutrition science.

Are you ready for this year to be your breakthrough year? I am so excited to cheer you on! For more support check out my resources at or better yet, come and join the Next Level Nutrition group! We are kicking off our next group coaching mastermind in the third week of January. Details can be found at

As for today, I am so glad you are here. I pray today’s tip helps you say NO to the lies that are thrown your way, and YES to the awesome that you are. Grab your coffee, pop in your AirPods, and let’s grow together with today’s Empowered Eating Tip…

Cheers, and happy eating!

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