How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


How is it already almost September?!?!?

While the days are often long, the years sure are short. Part of me knows each day is a gift, and yet I too often get bogged down by the to-do lists and the responsibility.

Autopilot kicks in. 

In today’s interview with THE Ms. Kate House, we are talking about “how to live by design…not default”. This conversation kicks off by making “purpose” feel a lot less scary and more approachable. As a health coach, Kate is skilled at helping others start connecting with their own values and then coaching them on how to take aligned action as guided by purpose – or purposes.

This interview is worth every minute and will no doubt leave you feeling inspired, without a side of overwhelm. Thank you Kate House for your insight and time. For more resources from Kate be sure to connect with her on IG @mskatehouse or check out her podcast Live By Design. And if you are really ready to have her in your corner, her LBD Collective is open and ready for you. 

Cheers and Carpe Diem Friends, 

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