Do you struggle with feeling confident in your body? Welcome to the club! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s estimated up to 90% of women out there feel uncomfortable in their body. If you’re among the 90%, you’re obviously in good company and this is exactly why we’re here having this conversation!

The fact is, we do live in our body and whether we like it or not, we will do ourselves a huge favor if we learn to get a bit more comfortable TODAY.

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feeling confident in your body

Today we are breaking down 3 Secrets to feeling more confident in your body, immediately!

#1) Check in on your social media use.

The research could not be more clearly showing that this is impacting and changing the way we view our bodies. Research has shown that as few as six seconds of scrolling can lower our body confidence. Just six seconds!!! I have felt this firsthand, have you? I’ve also seen it and the clients I work with. I had a gal come in one day at 1 o’clock. When we started talking she said she was having a really rough body image day, but she didn’t start the day this way. 

She said she started the day feeling really confident in her body. Then, all of a sudden after lunch, it’s like something just completely switch!  We looked at her day and started to backtrack. What was she doing? Who was she talking to? We get to the point right before lunch and she said she sat down and got on TikTok. So, I asked her if I could see her feed. When she pulled it out, we both gave a chuckle. Anybody would have been triggered by her feed!

It was full of fitness gurus in little to no clothing, diets, and images of women’s body parts (you know the photos that cut off their heads)! We very quickly connected the dots to show that her time on these platforms, especially when she is in autopilot mode, was a time she was set up to feel less than adequate. Once we are able to make that connection, we set some boundaries around social media. It was a game-changer for her, and I know it will be for you too!

#2 Buy clothes that fit!

I know I know you might be in a part of your journey where your body is changing. Maybe you’re pregnant, maybe your postpartum, maybe you have gained or lost weight or you have goals that are associated with changes. Here’s the thing, no matter where you are, that’s where you are today! And when we can get really honest about where we are, it is incredibly powerful because it shifts our mentality to living in the moment. And guess where all your power is… in the moment!

For example, if you are trying to get yourself to go to the gym one of the worst things you can do is have clothes that feel uncomfortable or don’t fit. You’re already walking into a place that is out of your comfort zone and if you combine that with physically uncomfortable clothing you’re setting yourself up to do double the mental work!

#3 Do some sort of resistance training and increase your protein!

As women, we need more protein and this becomes increasingly important as we age. Adequate protein intake allows us to replenish our amino acid pool within our body leading us to feel stronger. In addition to protein, research shows people who incorporate some sort of resistance or weightlifting feel better in their bodies. Sign me up for that! When I started weightlifting (after my first son was born) it was completely out of my comfort zone. But it was WORTH IT!

I cannot convey in words how empowering it has become to have heavy weights on my back and do a squat. Most of all, these feelings of empowerment really shined up when I went to Costco about six months later and I could lift the bag of 40-pound dog food! I felt so strong and so proud of myself! I know you will feel the same with this body bully lethal combo!

As we enter February, the season of love, my hope is that you can extend some of that love to your own self in your own body. And you can start with these three things! I want you to try these 3 secrets to success and watch how it completely changes how you talk to your body. I hope this blesses you today and in case no one told you today, you are awesome!


Cheers and happy eating!

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