Is Protein Powder something I should supplement with?

How is it processed?

Does it actually work?

I had all these questions too! That is why I reached out to the expert. Today, I am bringing Darcy Higgins, CEO of Gruppo Nutrition and Polar Joe, to talk to us about the production, processing, and science behind protein powder.

Gruppo Nutrition is a sports drink company that targets athletes and more recently he launched Polar Joe to expand his fuel-forward philosophy beyond athletes.

I personally am a big fan of these products! I have a serving of Polar Joe most days! I asked him to come to the show today to unpack the details on how protein supplements are made, processed, and if they really are a healthy option.

Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powder! Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith

When it comes to protein here is everything you need to know about protein powder:

1. Consuming doses of protein has advantages over having small amounts throughout the day.

Research shows that when people have a low amount of protein throughout the day, they don’t get the same benefits as they do when they have 20-30g doses 3-6 times per day.

2. You need more of it as you get older.

When you were 18, you could have 6g of protein and turn on the muscle repair process. As we age, we have a harder time turning triggering that process. As an adult, we need closer to 20-30g doses of protein to trigger muscle repair. Our total protein needs also go up as our body has a more difficult time building muscle.

3. Look for leucine.

Leucine is a specific amino acid that is known as the “trigger” protein. It is the one that gets into our muscles and says “Let’s start building!” Leucine can be found in dairy products, beef, chicken, eggs, nuts, and soybeans. It is very high in concentration in whey protein powders.

 Pro-tip: It tastes better with coffee.

Most of us need more protein than we can CONVENIENTLY eat within a day. This is exactly why I am a big fan of supplementing with protein. When choosing a protein powder, look for those that have little added ingredients. If you choose whey protein, choose one that is a “whey isolate” instead of a whey concentrate.

For my favorite whey protein powder check out Polar Joe and enter “fuelherawesome” at checkout for 15% off!

My personal favorite? Their Match Pro-TEA is where it is at! This combines some of the incredible benefits of matcha with protein powder.

I am literally drinking mine as I write this!

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Cheers friends, and happy eating!

Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith