How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


Today is all about PERMISSION FOR PEACE in our body, with food, and to serve as your gentle reminder that you don’t always have to be performing. In today’s episode, I’m unpacking 3 reasons why you need to allow yourself rest and 3 ways to do it!

If you are here today, I know you are a hard-working, accomplished, motivated woman. How do I know this? Because if you weren’t motivated and hard-working you wouldn’t need permission to rest! Most of us are out there working our tails off in life, and we struggle to allow time for a time out. A rest. A period where we have a “lack of productivity”.

Today I want to help you find value in the season of rest and see how this sets you up even better for the year to come.

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I designed this program because after I healed my relationship with food… I found myself wanting to be healthier but now sure how to do it. I didn’t know what was obsessive or if new goals would trigger old thoughts in my head.  This is why I designed Next Level Nutrition. I believe you can advance your health without going back to obsessive eating.

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 3 Ways To Embrace The Season Without Feeling Guilty Or Like A Failure.

Why search for peace over productivity in the next two weeks?

I don’t know who needs to hear this… but you are allowed to find rest and peace these last two weeks of 2022. Sometimes we need to allow for rest before we ask ourselves to start pushing again.

When I think of the final two weeks of December, I like to shift focus to what I can do to best set myself up for the next year… not necessarily what I need to do right now.

In reality, this isn’t really putting a pause on productivity… rather it is valuing the full cycle of performance. In any athletic event, there is a training season, a competition or event, and then a rest and recovery or off- season. We are cyclic human beings that were never intended to be performing 100% of the time. This is why I am stating the case for peace and equanimity in the last two weeks of December.

So what are some ways you can practice peace within the empowered eating model?

#1- Lean into different values.

If you listened to my episode the first week of December- Don’t Wait Until January 3 steps to empowered eating during the holidays- you heard that I am leaning into a different value this season… and it is my value of joy! Health is another top value of mine that I often prioritize during the year, but as for this season, I decided to lean more so into joy.

Here we are 3 weeks into December and I must say I am so glad I set this intention for the month because I am having SO MUCH FUN. This season has been filled with connection, more sleep, rest, sugar cookies, and a unique perspective of my food and body. How can you shift intention within your values system?

#2 Maintenance is an accomplishment in and of itself.

This one can be hard to wrap our brains around— especially when we are overachievers and perfectionists! But let me fill you in on a little secret… do you know what is harder than weight loss? Maintaining weight loss! Do you know what is harder than recovering from disordered eating? Preventing yourself from going back to it when we live in a disordered eating world!

There is so much more work in maintenance than there is in the initial steps. So my invitation to you this holiday season is to give yourself credit for what you are maintaining. Maybe it is regular sweat sessions, maybe even though you are having more desserts than you typically do… you are still eating more fruits of veggies than you were at the beginning of the year.

Or, perhaps while you still struggle to eat food without guilt… at least you are giving yourself more permission to eat various foods than you were before! There is so much power in maintenance and just think… this is setting you up to start 2023 in a more empowered place.

#3 Part of trusting the empowered eating process is understanding that your body is dynamic and you don’t have to be chasing a specific physique all the time.

You are allowed to take time off, to enjoy yourself at a party, to rest.

Sister- there is no arrival. There is no body you have to achieve. There is no timeline on your empowered eating journey. You are doing everything right. And you have all the time you need.

As for the next two weeks, I want to invite you to lean into your faith. Lean into the notion that your body, regardless of what it looks like, moves like, or ages like… is capable of incredible things.

Cheers, and happy eating!

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