It’s time to live as your healthiest self through empowered eating and mental strength.

My gift is helping women spot the lies they have been told about their body and food and move toward values based, empowered eating. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a woman who is a rockstar, but she is held back by insecurity rooted in diet culture and misguided nutrition advice. I am here to help you see past these lies and understand nutrition as it applies to YOU by filtering information though YOUR body, YOUR story, and YOUR values.

My 3-pronged approach includes:

1. A values assessment,

2. Reconnecting with your internal biological cues, and

3. Getting very clear about nutrition education that is applicable to YOU! 

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I love the work Jess is doing when it comes to women’s relationship with food and body image. Her eBook resonated with me, as I used to struggle with food and body image for years until one day I had had enough. I used to be a habitual “body checker” – you know the type, always staring at myself in every mirror available hoping that my profile would reflect my unhealthy version of perfect. I believe it is important for women everywhere to have access to a registered dietician or coach so that they can realize for themselves that they are strong, sexy, healthy, and worthy of living their best life. The work Jess has been doing is incredible and I hope women continue to take advantage of her knowledge and coaching abilities. 

Andrea Cloak

Certified Holistic Health Coach , New Mexico

“Jessika Brown is a God-send. Literally. After 35 years of weight obsession, confusion over how to eat, hopping on the newest fad diet only to end up weighing more and fighting food harder than when I started, I knew something had to give.

After 30 short days of working with Jessika I am aware of what my body needs and wants to eat! There are no boundaries, just awareness around what fuels me up and gives me energy. I didn’t have to write off favs like chocolate covered cherries, either. The simplicity of her methods, clarity over why we are eating the way we are, and her solutions to free us from the food lies that surround us changed everything. Pair that with the accountability that coaching brings and I now know I’ve finally (FINALLY) found the answer for me.

If you’ve been looking for food freedom, simplified strategies to health, energy, and YES even weight loss – look no further. Jess is your gal. Hurry before the secret gets out.”

Stefanie Gass

CEO & Supermom, New Mexico

“Taking the time to appreciate my body for the things it’s capable of doing is not something I’m in the habit of doing. After reading Jessika’s resources I’ve really been focusing on looking at my body as an instrument to help me love my life. I love that she is about enhancing who I am now and helping me learn to not punish myself for being me.”

Abby Rector

Medical Billing Specialist & Supermom, Colorado

“I contacted Jess in hopes of gaining more knowledge about the foods I have been eating. I have always been an athlete and eaten “healthy” but never really knew the science behind food. Not only did she exceed my expectations but she gave me realistic goals that I am able to attain. She was inquisitive about my daily life activities, food journal, and my goals and expectations. When I got her assessment I was extremely impressed!  Seeing as how I live in Denver, she was easy to communicate with! I would recommend her 10 times over.”

Martha McFadden

Salon Owner & Supermom, Colorado

“I look into the mirror daily to criticize myself and point out every imperfection. What did this Jessika help me to see? That my imperfections are perfect. I am me and there is no one else I’d rather be. 💗 Jessika’s ability to share these concepts with her clients, is mind blowing. She brings the real, raw emotions and encouragement to life.”

Breanna Cleghorn

Special Education Teacher and Supermom, New Mexico