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Hitting values based health goals without going back to diet culture or losing food freedom!


Value focused accountability. Nutrition Plans. Stronger workouts.
The healthiest version of YOU!


  • Are you ready to take your nutrition to the next level?
  • Want to finally hit those goals that will take you to a new level of confidence?
  • Are you ready to finally feel comfortable in your body?
  • Do want to be stronger and more fit?
  • Ready to map out a sustainable nutrition plan the easy way?

join me in next level nutrition

10-week intensive group coaching program

Value based accountability, nutrition training and mentoring, fitness guidance in a group of awesome women on a mission to find the healthiest version of themselves.

I know you want life-changing, energizing, lasting results – but you just need a step-by-stepplan to get you there.

LIVE group coaching will kick off again in January 2023! Join the waitlist today and reserve your spot!

You’ve dieted for years and know that it just doesn’t stick.
You have tried all the low-carb, intermittent fasting, and quick fix options but find yourself back where you started. Frustrated.

You have finally decided you can’t go back to dieting.
You have dabbled in food freedom, and yet… you don’t understand how it all comes together to create the healthiest version of yourself.
You know she is in there but you aren’t quite sure how to find her.


imagine if . .

  • You didn’t stress about your weight or your body.
  • You knew what to eat each day without sacrificing fun foods you enjoy!
  • You were able to live in food freedom AND hit your health goals.
  • You knew how to prep, plan and execute a lifestyle of eating and exercise in less time.
  • You knew how to integrate exercise that you actually enjoyed.
  • You knew to to eat to maximize your workouts.
  • You understood nutrition on a deeper level – emotionally and scientifically.
  • You had a nutrition coach supporting you weekly!
  • You didn’t have to do it alone – you had a sisterhood of anti-diet culture women who were also becoming the healthiest version of themselves.


We are going to take your  nutrition to a new level:

no more emotional hang ups, lots of science based nutrition training, and customized plans that will take your mental and physical health to new heights.

Student Success Stories

In just over a year and a half I have gone from: diet-obsessed, keto weekdays, pizza and carb overload weekends, 2-hour daily workouts, and a ton of guilt — to food freedom! Then, from food freedom to clean healthy eating with flexibility. What a DREAM come true.

I am in full control of what goes into my mouth and I see food as fuel instead of binge eating all the things ‘I’m not allowed to have’, or obsessing over unrealistic numbers. I am stronger, leaner, and have fallen in love with my body, health, and new partnership with food and fitness.

Jessika is truly a God-send. She took me one step at a time and knew when I was ready for the next thing, kept me accountable, and helped me get to this sustainable place where I’m reaching my health goals without obsession, fear, or anxiety. I am now an empowered eater and I know if you let Jess help you – you can be too.

Stef Gass, CEO and Mama from New Mexico

I contacted Jess in hopes of gaining more knowledge about the foods I have been eating. I have always been an athlete and eaten “healthy” but never really knew the science behind food. Not only did she exceed my expectations but she gave me realistic goals that I am able to attain. She was inquisitive about my daily life activities, food journal, and my goals and expectations. When I got her assessment I was extremely impressed!  Seeing as how I live in Denver, she was easy to communicate with! I would recommend her 10 times over.

MARTHA MCFADDEN Salon Owner & Supermom from Castle Rock, Colorado

Taking the time to appreciate my body for the things it’s capable of doing is not something I’m in the habit of doing. After reading Jessika’s resources I’ve really been focusing on looking at my body as an instrument to help me love my life. I love that she is about enhancing who I am now and helping me learn to not punish myself for being me.”

ABBY RECTOR, Medical Billing Specialist & Supermom, Colorado

Wow, I never thought I would have come so far in 12 weeks. I have suffered from anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia and over exercising for over 20 years. I have been through treatment as a teenager but fell back into old patterns consistently. It took years for me to come to terms with my disorder and I could only start doing the hard work when I was ready. And when I was ready, Jessika was exactly who I needed. Her knowledge, compassion and honesty have made this process one that I am learning to cherish. I am far from done in my recovery journey, but I’m well on my way. I feel so blessed to have found someone I completely trust in my corner as I continue to learn to trust and forgive myself.

Sara Streigel, Triathlete, Marathon Runner and Triplet Mom from Colorado

I received constant positive guidance, first and foremost. As well as gentle reminders to always go back to evaluating my personal values. And of course having a coach that has faith in Jesus is a big deal to me. Jessika’s PRAYERS was also a blessing and extremely helpful in my journey. On top of this, she never made me feel like I was doing something wrong because she always pointed me back to my values. Her love, support and kindness was important (and essential) to me since I was taught many do’s and dont’s in my journey. It was refreshing to be coached by a female who values compassion, which is rare nowadaysI. Because of this I never felt like I was being scolded by a sergeant. This was important to me especially coming out of a legalistic church environment. I 100% recommend Jessika because she helped me pursue health in a HEALTHY way. Not just in being liberated from food bondage and finding true food freedom but also doing it in a realistic way that lines up with what is most important to me.

Jaclyn Castro, Certified Personal Trainer and Sister In Christ from Agana
Heights, Guam

Jessika helped me neutralize my feelings about my current weight and constant striving to lose to a previous goal weight. She gave me some recipes that were fun to make and loosened up my strict food rules. She also gave me some faith-based encouragement when I expressed that I would enjoy that. I will definitely work with her again if i get stuck.

Jane Springer, Faith Inspired Entrepreneur from Tallahassee,

Working with Jess has been an absolute joy. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing someone is in your corner to help you be the best you, leaving judgment at the door. Making a major change is difficult; working with Jess, she has a process that felt light-hearted and joyous. I can’t recommend her highly enough!! She’s the best!

An awesome woman (who requests to remain anonymous) from
Colony, TX

Next Level Nutrition Breakdown

Week 1

Empowered Eating Mastery

In week 1 we will cover the empowered eating model. We cover everything from values identification, redefining health and your goals based on your values, cognitive behavioral therapy tools to combat negative thinking that hinders progress, biofeedback education, and more!

Week 2

Breakout Coaching, Goal Setting with Jess

In week 2, we begin 5-minute spotlight coaching. I will help you map out all of the things we discussed in week 1. This is a safe, no-judgment space to work through the details to break chains and move forward in your health journey. 

Week 3

Fuel Planning

In week 3, we will begin to implement targeted nutrition plans. All students will receive a customized fuel plan based on your goals and current relationship with food. We cover meal planning in a non-obsessive way to help you understand the science behind nutrition, maintain a positive relationship with food and your body while working on fine tuning your nutrition for optimal health and results! 

Week 4

Breakout Coaching, Fuel Plan Tracking, Supplement Recommendations

In week 4, Jess will recommend how to best track your fuel plan changes while working toward your goals. This will help you create customized tracking techniques so you can see your progress without getting discouraged or sucking up too much time and energy. Jess will also provide customized supplement recommendations if appropriate. 

Week 5

Adding In Exercise And Fueling For Results

In week 5, we will have a guest lecture from a certified personal trainer to discuss the best ways to integrate exercise and how to plan it out depending on your goals. Then, Jess will provide education on how to tailor your fuel plan for results based on the type of exercise you prefer and your holistic-health goals! 

Week 6

Breakout Coaching, Fueling Your Workouts

In week 6, Jess will review your workout plans and provide feedback on how they will support your goal. In addition all students will receive specific pre and post workout nutrition recommendations.

Week 7

Cycle Syncing

In week 7, get ready to neRD out about nutrition and hormones. Jess will cover how to eat to best balance hormones across the female lifetime (pre/postnatal, for optimal ovulatory cycles, perimenopuase, menopause, and post-menopause). This week will end with a 15-minute live Q&A for students. 

Week 8

Gorgeous Gut Health

In week 8, we will continue the deep dive into nutrition science focusing on the importance of gut health and how to optimize it with food.  This week will end with a 15-minute live Q&A for students.

Week 9

Breakout Coaching

In breakout sessions this week, all students will come with their plans developed over the previous 2 months. Jess will provide fine-tuning and tailored nutrition coaching on how to overcome and breakthrough for long-term, sustainable outcomes. 

Week 10


WOW! You did it! You now have the tools, the plan, and the practice to continue on your health journey. By now you feel the extra energy perks that come with intentional eating and the incredible outcomes of your actions. Your motivation flows faster than ever before! Let’s celebrate your awesome! 

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Beat Body Bullying E-Book

Feeling stuck on some of those old, nagging body bullying thoughts? You will receive e a free copy of my 10-Step Workbook on how to breakdown and breakthrough all the automatic negative thoughts.

Bonus 3

Lifetime Access

 To recordings and resources!

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$397 over 3 months

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hey girl . .

I’m Jess, registered dietitian, wife, mama, and total science and nutrition research junkie. I too used to be stuck in this cycle of insecurity and never feeling like my body was good enough. Then I’ld try to fix it with food only to be right back where I started. I did some hard work, found food freedom, but was confused on how to get healthy and fit without falling back into diet culture crazy. I wished someone would have taught me the difference between discipline and obsession! I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself by balancing healthy eating with food freedom! Like how do I actually eat healthy, get fit, AND have donuts with my kids?

It wasn’t until I figured out this awesome balance of discipline and permission. The art of intentional eating with sprinkles of flexibility. The Empowered Eating Model was born. Here on the show we nix diet culture, while creating values-based health goals, we reconnect with how our body responds to food through biofeedback, and figure out a plan to get healthy and fit without sacrificing the most meaningful moments of life! Sustainability doesn’t mean never eating your favorite foods again. #pizzaislife

More Success Stories

“Since the fall of 2016 I have struggled with an eating disorder while competing at the highest level of collegiate athletics and now the professional Olympic team world. Jessika Brown has been on my side and in my corner since 2018 and through me trying my hardest push her away she never gave up on me & the belief in recovery. Since finishing my NCAA career and starting as a Professional athlete Jessika has held me up through my toughest days and darkest moments. She has supported me through my hardest hurdles, battles, training & hard work of my career thus far. She has never once made me feel lesser than, shamed and instead has held my hand while challenging cognitions I have ignored for the last 5 years….. My eating disorder. She is a gift to this world and I could write a novel about all her amazing qualities, personality, and just HER BEING THE BEST. If I had to wrap her up in to a quote that I hear her saying in my head on my hardest days it would be: “Finding yourself is not really how it works. You are not lost. Your true self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions, and in accurate conclusion you were told represents you, your beliefs and all you see yourself as. Finding yourself is actually returning to yourself. It is unlearning, and excavation, remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.”

Charlotte Prouse, Olympic Team Athlete and Professional Runner from London, Ontario Canada

“Jess came into my life just over 15 years ago. Throughout the years, I have gone to her for advice and her opinion regarding foods, diets, and the latest nutritional trends. Her knowledge is second to none. Fast forward to today. I am almost 40. I work out and I try to make healthy food choices. However, I was noticing my body was changing and I was not feeling the way I used to. I decided to reach out to her for help. She helped me create daily goals and how to log my food. Within 4 days, yes 4 days, I could not believe how much better I was feeling!  I do not have a scale, so I can’t measure my progress by that number. However, I’ve had more energy, I can work out longer, my clothes fit more comfortably, and I’m sleeping better! I have been following Jessika’s food plan for me for about a month. The benefits and progress I have seen, have only solidified what I knew. She is the best. The absolute best. Her knowledge is not based on trends or quick fixes. It is based on her years of extensive training, education, and experience. She knows exactly what she is doing. There is no other person I would trust with my health. Jess is the best.”

Breanna Brown, Special Education Teacher and Supermom from Edgewood, New Mexico

Become stronger, more fit, healthy, and confident in just 10 weeks. Without dieting. With your faith.

Freedom is calling, friend.