How to Become Confident in Your Body
Without Wasting Another Minute Obsessing About Food

How to determine if your drive to exercise is motivated by discipline or addiction. Interview with Amy Gardner, RD, CEDS, RYT

Exercise has the power to heal, but can it be a double-edged sword? 

Today I have a super special guest on the show!! Amy Gardner, fellow RD, certified eating disorder dietitian and a registered yoga teacher, is on the show talking about a hot topic: When exercise moves from medicine to addiction! 

We are jamming out about the difference between beneficial and compulsive exercise. Tune in for the questions to ask yourself to reflect on your own relationship with exercise and what to do next.

Amy is channeling her personal and professional experience into her signature method “iMove” to help people reconnect with their bodies and find some fun in movement. For more info on Amy’s services connect with her on social: on IG @imovewithamy and on Facebook @imovemethod. You can find her book at 

Cheers, and happy moving! 

Is your exercise pattern healthy or addictive?

by Jess Brown with Special Guest Amy Gardner