How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


Are you settling if you let go of weight loss and accept your body? 

How do you learn to feel comfortable in a larger than desired body in a fatphobic world?

Today’s interview is priceless. Jenna Waite is a registered dietitian, a mom to 5, and living in a larger body. In this interview we laugh, we cry, we feel it all about what it is like to live and overcome unworthy feelings attached to your weight. Jenna is brave and vulnerable in today’s episode and it is one every woman needs to hear. 

 You are wonderful.

You are worthy. 

You have gifts the world needs… regardless of your body size.

 After today’s episode, you will know… NO! You are not settling if you decide to accept your body. In fact, this may be the very key to better health. 

 Thank you Jenna for sharing your story! Be sure to connect with Jenna on social @jennawaite_rd and check out her resources here. Be sure you download her FREE Health Habits Cheat Sheet.

 Cheers and happy eating!

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