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Protein + Coffee = Awesome

The Protein-Infused Drink that Changed Everything.

I am tired and I need a snack! I want a caffeine kick, yet the RD in me knows I need protein. Baked chicken just doesn’t go with my coffee… SOOOO you can imagine my freakout level 10 reaction when I discovered this magic blend of my two favorite energy boosts!

Polar Joe is made from premium New Zealand Whey, with low carb, low sugar, 100% coffee and Richmix (a non-dairy creamer) that mixes to a creamy, dreamy protein-rich beverage readily available anywhere, anytime. “Just add ice-cold water for a delicious, fully functional iced coffee (or tea!) that will power your morning meeting, afternoon spin, or evening run.”

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“I love what I weigh.” -said no woman ever after getting off the scale.

A woman’s relationship with the scale is complicated. We feel like we need the scale so we keep it. We hate the scale and yet we keep going back to it.  

The only scale I recommend for clients to keep in their home is a ClearStep scale. This is the first HIPAA compliant numberless scale that allows you to get the support you need in the way that you want! No more blind weigh-ins, no more relying on others to capture measurements, no more numbers, no more anxiety!! ClearStep is a scale you step on and no numbers or weight feedback is ever shown or accessible to users of the scale. Your numbers are sent directly to your clinician where he/she can view and discuss with you as clinically needed. Say WHAT?!?!?! 

My clients can feel secure that they are always connected to their treatment team.

For my dietitian and health coaching friends out there… Telehealth is here to stay and ClearStep is a great way to grow your practice from anywhere while providing the same level of care with this HIPAA secure weight monitoring scale. For those of you interested in offering this to your clients visit ClearStep and enter the code JESSBROWNRD at checkout to get $5 off your one time registration fee that covers your use of this app for an unlimited number of clients! I am so excited for the doors ClearStep opens up for me as a clinician, and for all of my clients! 



I CANNOT believe I am saying this… but I came to a point where I realized I drank too much coffee. I wasn’t sleeping well, I hardly ever work up rested, I often felt on edge and anxious. My fatigue fed the cycle: I was tired, so I drank more coffee. But then I discovered MUD\WTR.

When I switched my coffee sipping to MUD\WTR the changes were undeniable.

Oh! This is what it is like to wake up rested! This is what focus feels like (without anxiety)! I get a better energy boost when I skip the stimulant. WHAT?! Who knew! As MUD\WTR says:

“I wasn’t mad at coffee, I was just dissapointed.”

I still enjoy my morning cup of joe, but after that cup my adult sippy cup is filled with MUD\WTR.

Cheers friends!



Regular Girl gets your gut in gear and cleaned up in no time!

The strain in this probiotic is one that is particularly awesome for athletes and those of us who have tummy issues triggered by stress.

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