When did exercise become something that we have to do?

When did it turn into a form of punishment or an obligation?

When did we lose the ability to just play?

I have two boys (one is six and one is eight) and most Saturdays I drag my family to the gym. My husband and I work out together while the kids go to kid care. What’s really fun is when we’re done with the workout and the kids get to run out on the gym floor.  They find anything they can in the gym to play on. They grab the rings and they start swinging! If the ropes are down, they try to shimmy up the ropes.

They can’t make it higher than an inch… but they sure do try. Everything about what they’re doing is uncoordinated and wonky and yet, they are having a blast. It is such a healthy reminder to me that at one point movement and exercise were PLAY! Once upon a time, it was an exploration of what my body was capable of. That is exactly what my boys are doing when they come out on the gym floor to run around.

(Now that I think about it, my boys pretty muck parkour through life.) Over time, we lose this ability to be curious when we move and it turns into an obligation. The gym isn’t something we enjoy, but rather another item on our to-do list (right next to laundry). We find our place in a judgment seat and criticize our exercise. It is never enough and we always need to do more.

women working out trying to find joy in exercise

I’m really excited to carry on this conversation about exercise. How can we return to play? How can we get out of the judgment zone and into a space of curiosity to explore?

Today, one of my good friends Kim Payne is here to discuss some of the research she has been doing on biofeedback and exercise. This is science in the making and I am so here for it! Kim Payne is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and currently pursuing her doctorate at Adams State University. I love talking to this woman because she is passionate about helping others find joy in exercise. If you are interested in working with her directly, please reach out to her at kimpaynetherapy@gmail.com.

This one will leave you with some steps to take today to get moving… for FUN!

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As for today, I am so glad you are here. I pray today’s tips help you say NO to the lies that are thrown your way, and YES to the awesome that you are. Grab your coffee, pop in your AirPods, and let’s grow together with today’s Empowered Eating Tip…

Cheers, and happy movement!

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