How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


After years of dieting, she didn’t know there was another option. 

Would food always be stressful? 

Would she always swing from dieting to overeating? 

Today on the show my dear friend (and also my podcast coach) Stef Gass joins us to talk about how she went from Keto to Food Freedom, to the healthiest and FITTEST she has ever been.

She talks about the struggles she faced, what wasn’t working, and what she did to break free from food hang-ups FOREVER! 

Her story is as beautiful as she is and I am so grateful she is leading with vulnerability and sharing it here. 

From Keto to Food Freedom to SUPER Fit! How Peace And Perspective Change Everything On Your Plate.

How did she get here? Let me break it down for you in three Steps:

1. Create values-based health goals.

To shift our outcome we have to shift our mindset. And to make a mindset sustainable it has to be tied to what you value most. The coolest part about Stef’s story is that she leaned into her values, hard! She restructured all her goals around what is most important to her instead of obsessing over weight loss.

The ironic part? When she approached food and exercise through this new perspective, she still lost weight. But it wasn’t from in an obsessive, unsustainable way… instead, it was done with patience and there was peace every step of her journey. For more support on setting up your values and creating values-based health goals check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

2. Learn about biofeedback.

Biofeedback is simply a fancy word for what your body says about food. Yes, we know what the headlines say and what your favorite Instagram influencer says. There are about a million videos on TicTok that outline what you should and shouldn’t eat… but what does your BODY SAY?

The art of biofeedback is life-changing. Learning how to interpret what your body says about food and adjust your eating accordingly removes all guilt and shame from the equation. It is a step that must come BEFORE any fuel planning or nutrition changes.

It is THE step that will make your fuel plan changes sustainable. In Stef’s story, it was the light bulb that turned on and forever changed her relationship with food. For more details on what it is and how to identify biofeedback, check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

3. Gradually work on your customized Fuel Plan.

Nutrition science is so cool. There is a reason I geek out about it. Although, if it wasn’t my full-time career I would be overwhelmed because there is so much out there!!

This is why I find such joy in creating customized fuel plans. It is where my years of schooling and education meet your hard work, your story, your genetics, and your goals.


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Bottom line… it is time to drop the body and food hang-ups because you are way too awesome to carry them any longer. Plus, who has time for that anyways?!?


Can’t wait to see you in there! The Empowered Eating life is the BEST LIFE!

Cheers friends, and (forever) happy eating!

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