How to Become Confident in Your Body
Without Wasting Another Minute Obsessing About Food

How To Swap Diet Rigidity for Discipline.

How many food rules do you have floating around in your head?

How much of your energy is spent trying to “be good?”

Today we are breaking down how to move away from rigidity and into discipline. These are two very different practices and unpacking the differences is honestly life-changing.

If you have ever struggled with food, exercise, or body image, rigidity is the name of your game: Eat perfect. Workouts HAVE TO be hard, but somehow are NEVER enough. Forever chase that beauty ideal that is impossible to attain, therefore you never feel good enough. Also, there is a socially defined expiration date on your age – so you better get with it now and never mess up.

 Unfortunately, when you live in rigidity for so long, you begin to let it taint discipline. Here is a little help to separate the two:

 👉🏼 Rigidity operates with the currency of shame.

 👉🏼 Discipline operates with a focus on curiosity and a goal of growth.

 👉🏼 Rigidity is rooted in insecurity and comparison

 👉🏼 Discipline is rooted in a desire to be better than yesterday’s version of you and to serve a greater purpose.

 👉🏼 Rigidity doesn’t allow error, discipline learns with every step.

 Work hard, focus, fail, get up and try again. Let that rigidity go to make room for discipline. For more support on making this life-changing switch be sure to enroll in Food Foundations

 Cheers, and happy eating!