How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


Healthy Holiday Eating Series EP #1 is here!!! Some of you might think “YAY!” and get on my level about the holidays. Is anyone else ready to start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween??? Or maybe you are not of those people and hearing this made you gag a little.

I will tell you friends I haven’t always been this chipper about the holiday season. There was a season that this time really stressed me out. I would enter the holiday season nervous about seeing people— I didn’t want them to see me and witness the weight I gained or felt like I gained that year. I didn’t want to be around all the food, knowing every bite would be an internal battle. Don’t eat this, but I want to eat this, ok fine one bite, crap!

It is so good now I want it all! Insert all the food followed with boatloads of guilt and play this scenario on repeat all season long. It stole precious time from me and robbed me of joy during the holidays.

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Whatever emotion you bring into the holiday season I am here to be a little voice in your ear to let you know you have the power to rewrite your experience THIS year. This doesn’t have to be a season you GET THROUGH, rather you hold the key to making it a season you not only grow through… but find joy in.

Today I am kicking off a 3-episode series: Happy Holiday Eating and my mission here is this: To help you find that sparkle this holiday season. Regardless of your past experiences with holidays, your food struggles, the weight you may or may not have gained this year, despite the difficult people you might be around or the busy schedule that we all have coming…

I don’t want to hear any of you say “I just need to get through the holidays” no sisters, we are here to be in the moment, especially during the holiday season and we hold the key to our own happiness.

This is where we let our empowered eating skills not only shine on our plates, but they also show up in how we live. I am praying this prepares you and encourages you this holiday season… today’s episode is on mindful eating and how this is the key to keeping you from overeating or battling guilt. Are you ready to grow?

Here are 3 steps to mindful eating this holiday season:
#1 Work your values into your thought process

— This needs to always be step one. Learning to lead with your values changes everything. I see it over and over again, and I have done it too… we allow body modification or our body insecurities to lead our health goals instead of our values.

Allowing your values to be the first step in your health journey is what will change everything. This is why I have Values-Based Goal Setting as one of the first modules in Food Foundations. Before I ever recommend a fuel plan, I want you to take the time to redefine health based on your values.

Sure- somebody’s change might be a part of the outcome, but it isn’t our reason. In other words, if you want to lose weight or see more definition in your arms these aren’t necessarily bad things to want but if they are our sole reason our motivation will be short-lived because it is superficially rooted.

When we allow the why behind our how to be based on what we value most… like our family, our faith, our need for more energy to do better and more in our career… this is a game changer.

#2 Reframe guilt

— All of us have done it. We eat something and the guild floodgates open. “I shouldn’t have eaten that!” “I ate too much.” “Now I can’t eat the next meal.” “I am so mad I did that but now I want more.” It is a crappy place to be.

Today I want to invite you, friends, to consider the flip side of guilt. Feeling guilty can actually be a good sign because we are recognizing areas of the importance of the action we didn’t choose. If we could freeze here instead of going into body bully mode there is a lot we can learn from guilt.

#3 Integrate these 2 Mindful Eating checkpoints

1. The 5 Senses Check— is a quick tool to help you be and stay present. Check-in with all five senses before you start eating.

 2. Midpoint Check— halfway through any meal/snack check in with yourself. How does this taste? What has changed with your hunger and fullness cues? A great tool for this is the hunger/satiety scale which we go over in detail in Food Foundations. Learning this part is honestly life-changing. I know it was for me. This is what transformed my experience with holiday foods and allowed me to enjoy without overeating and thus feeling guilty.

It is a beautiful thing when you can eat your favorite holiday treat, enjoy it, and move on. This is what I want for you all this holiday season. I am praying this encourages you all and sending you a holiday hug! Be sure you tune in next week as we continue this series Happy Holiday Eating!

Cheers, and happy holiday eating!

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