It isn’t that it is too hard.


You can trust the process.


It isn’t your lack of will power…

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The things holding you back from food freedom are not what you would expect. In today’s episode, I am breaking down six fear blockers that may be holding you back from food freedom and ultimately empowered eating.

Fast (but not good) results.

If I had a dollar for every person that lost weight quickly and regained it and then some… I would be buying myself a restaurant and inviting y’all in to serve you dinner. Don’t get distracted by she who lost that 10 pounds drinking shakes or doing keto. Those who don’t do the hard work and learn to eat balanced will always be chasing the next diet.

Resistance to natural changes.

Friends!!! It is ok for our bodies to change. We shouldn’t be in the same body we were in high school— we are not the same person! Our stomach that grew a baby should not look the same post-baby! Aging is real and a blessing. I am sorry our culture has told us this is not ok. Let’s take the narrative back.

Unrealistic expectations.

So often we are our own worst enemy. We demand the impossible and are upset when we can’t reach a goal that wasn’t designed for us in the first place. Here is where I love clients to lean into their faith. Where does God want your goals and outcomes to be? What has God given you the capacity and resources to strive for in this season? Keep your eyes here and you will go farther than you dreamed possible.

Not living in the present.

When we are in our head about food and body, we forget to actually connect with our body. Learning to be with food and hear our body’s biofeedback is paramount. It opens the door to empowered eating.

Lack of gratitude.

In a culture that tells us to look and eat a certain way, it is really easy to only see the bad in our bodies. Switch the lens. Find things to be grateful for in your health and physical being. You will be amazed how this transforms your self-view, and ultimately changes how you care for your body.

Inability to find satisfaction in food.

That good or bad food list is one that will haunt you, and ultimately leave you always wanting more on your plate. I know it is scary to legalize all food. What if I overeat? What if I gain weight? Friends! I have good news, the research shows and I see it over and over again… changing the narrative around food changes the way we eat it. Do you want to want to eat healthy foods? Start by saying it’s ok if you don’t.

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Cheers and happy eating!

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