How To Fall In Love With Healthy Eating (AND Have Dessert Without A Side Of Guilt)!! Changing Food From An Emotional Crutch To Fuel

I want to want to eat a salad!

Also… how do I eat dessert or fries without the food police siren going off in my head?

Working through this is a journey requiring many steps along the way. Today, I’m getting you started on this journey with 2 steps you can take NOW in your Empowered Eating journey.

If there’s one thing I can promise you, it is this: Becoming an empowered eater is worth every effort you put into it.  We have to live and interact with food every day and throughout the day. We also live in our bodies for our lifetime. It is our vessel. Our earth suit. Therefore, even though we have a lot going on and we’re busy being pulled in many different directions, becoming an empowered eater is crucial to the core of who we are.

It impacts everything around us and how we interact with others. I want you guys to feel awesome in your own skin so you can share your inner awesome with those around you! Eating in balance allows you to feel more energy, and free up some of the headspaces that were once occupied by food rules.

How to fall in love with healthy eating

So how do we get there?

Step #1: Fall in love with healthy eating

One of the first steps to falling in love with healthy eating and learning how to have dessert without guilt is this: We must remove the shame that pops up around food. Food shaming has become something that is so prominent in our world.

It’s almost like we have attached a moral compass to specific foods. We literally have “good” and “bad” food lists! How many times in a day do you hear someone refer to the food they had as “bad” and then, consequently, they refer to themselves as “bad”?

When we remove food shaming, we can look at food more logically, and start to better understand how we interact with it when shame pops up. You’ll know it’s food shame when it makes you feel small or want to hide.

The key indicator that it’s shame (instead of guilt) is that guilt makes you feel like you did something wrong whereas she makes you feel like you are something wrong.

Step #2: Biofeedback

The second tip for you today involves good, old biofeedback! Instead of eating food based only on how it tastes… start to make decisions about what to eat based on how your body reacted to it the last time you ate it! And if you haven’t eaten it before… use this situation to listen and learn!

I don’t believe in diets and here is why: Diets allow rules and schedules to dictate what a person eats and there’s no connection with how the food actually feels in our bodies. This is an unsustainable way to eat because eventually, life will throw a curve ball. What happens then?

This is when folks fall off plan and go back to the all-or-nothing thinking around food. And I can’t blame them! They never learned how to eat based on what their body has to say.

This podcast is here to support you weekly, but it only scratches the surface. For more details on how you can become an empowered eater check out my FREE workshop: How To Feel Confident In Your Body Without Obsessing Over Food which dives into this in more detail!

Empowered Eating leads to empowered living. And I am so excited to help you get there.

Cheers, and happy eating!

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