How to become confident in your body
WITHOUT wasting time obsessing over food! 


If you are here, it is likely that at some point you have struggled with food and body image. Maybe you had an eating disorder, or maybe you snuggled with food and never directly addressed it… where-ever you fall on that spectrum I know we can all agree that our relationship with food and body has been… complicated.  When New Year hits and all the goal-setting starts, it can leave us confused on where to stand. Should I set a goal? Are all goals diet-culture based? What if it doesn’t work? What if I feel like I can never make a change?  Sure, it may stick for a minute, but eventually, I will fall off the wagon, right?

These are all questions that make this time of year tricky for those of us with a complicated history around food, diet, and exercise.

So first of all, welcome to the club! You are not alone.

Second of all, I am excited you are here because I know you can push past this and feel better. You can work on taking care of your body in new more productive ways without going back to old habits. And you know what… there is no risk of failing. Because when you are an empowered eater it is a journey, there is no timeline, deadline, whining…. Girl this is all for you, authored by you, audited by you… and you have nothing to prove to anyone!


The Key To Empowered Eating.

So what is the key to Empowered Eating?


Faith that your body is good, no matter if anyone anywhere said otherwise.

Faith in the process, no matter your current feelings of the situation.

Faith in the bigger picture, no matter what season of life you are in.

Faith is choosing to care for your body (whether that is rest, or getting up and going to the gym) even when your anxiety is telling you the opposite.

Faith is trying a new thing because you know that even though it is scary, it will work out.

Faith is trusting God more than you trust yourself.

At some point in your food journey,  you will have to take the leap of faith to choose to believe that you are not what your negative narrative says you are. At some point, you will have to trust that your body can be capable of all you want, even when you don’t eat “perfectly”.

For me, this piece was crucial. My faith runs deep and Jesus has become the cornerstone of my journey when I healed from my eating disorder. Now, it is my ultimate north star. My values are what guide me, but my identity is that of a child of God with a purpose to serve him and love others the way He loves me.

Faith is the key… and I want to invite you to pull this is your own journey.

Beyond faith, there are 4 Themes of Empowered Eating:

#1 Body Image Breakdown

#2 Values-based, faith-led health goals

#3 Biofeedback Basics

#4 Science-Based Nutrition Meal Plans


To kick off 2023, and season 2 of Fuel Her Awesome we will be diving into 10 Days of Empowered Eating! I will be bringing you a mini-series on these in the next 10 where I unpack each of the Empowered Eating Themes.

For more details check out my free workshop: The Body Confidence Model. Or check out my resources at or better yet, come and join the Next Level Nutrition group! We are kicking off our next group coaching mastermind in the third week of January. Details can be found at

Cheers friends, and happy eating!

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