But I think you’re ready to hear it.
Scratch that – I know you’re ready to hear it.

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. 
And when you’re so uncomfortable that it eclipses your potential? Forget about it.

If you’re anything like me:

  • You’ve tried all the diets. 
  • You’ve gained and lost X amount of weight – over and over again – and nothing was ever enough.
  • You’re afraid of taking that risk…applying for that new job…walking into the gym…relaxing with your honey….fill in the blank – you just can’t!

I’ve totally been there. 

Ladies, I get it. These inner demons are strong and our culture reinforces the lies that you aren’t  enough. The thing is, you can’t fix a mental battle by counting calories and weighing yourself.  

THE GOOD NEWS is that I’ve won my mental battle, and I would LOVE the chance to teach you how to win yours too. 

I have a poured my heart into putting everything I know about taking on your inner critic and combined it with research and knowledge from my career in exercise and nutrition – and I’m SO ready to share my findings with YOU!

The precious content in my Beat Body Bullying + Learn to Love Yourself E-Book it is based on over a DECADE of personal struggle.  Having overcome these obstacles myself, I have paired that experience with my professional knowledge as a dietitian to give you the answers you desperately seek – and it’s only a click away!

After all, you’ll always live in your body, so it’s time to get comfortable.

Hey, I’m jess Brown.

These days, I’m a Registered Dietitian who loves to help women just like you get comfortable in your own body – but it was quite a journey to get here. It took me forever to get to the point of loving what I see when I look in the mirror.  I went from baggy clothes, agonizing decisions about what to eat, internal screaming to stay on the treadmill for “just one more mile”, tears when looking in the mirror… and even bulimia; to a life that is now, totally free from body judgement.

Can you imagine how liberating this feels?!

Even today, I don’t always think my body looks good, but I do ALWAYS believe that my body IS good.

Let’s get you there too.

beat body bullying + learn to love yourself e-book

IN this 10-step workbook, YOU WILL LEARN:

How and why your body bullying began.

How to filter destructive self talk that is holding you back and turn your mind to empower your body.

How to rewire your mind to support your passion and purpose.

All you need to know to debunk diet culture myths.

My best secrets to finding a workout you love and sticking to it.

You’ll also receive an easy to use daily check list for keeping body bullying at bay FOR GOOD!