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Healthy Snacks: How To Build An Energy-Boosting Snack!

Healthy Snacks: How To Build An Energy-Boosting Snack!

Healthy snacks are the topic of today’s show. We are shifting into the nutrition science piece of the Empowered Eating puzzle. This is where the practical tools come in. Mindset first, then tactics my friends! This entire week I will be dropping mini-episodes with tactical nutrition tips. As for today- we are talking about the snack attack!

Should we be snacking?

How often?

And on what?

Your life will be better after you tackle this one… because those who snack are less hungry. And the world needs fewer hungry people. Let’s break this down!

Should we be snacking? YES! The eat-digest-reset cycle takes about 2-4 hours. So if you are hungry every 2-4 hours later… Congrats! You are doing it right! You ate an adequate amount that allowed you to fuel your body, digest the food, and your body is now ready for the next one!

This answers the next question: How often should we eat? The secret here lies in how close you pay attention to your biofeedback. Tuning into your hunger can guide you on your appropriate time interval at which you need to eat! If you have more than 4 hours between meals, plan to have a snack. This will keep your energy up, prevent extreme hunger which typically leads to overeating, and overall allow you to feel better!

woman eating some healthy snacks

What should we be snacking on?

When you are building a snack there are two things you will need:

#1 Some form of carbohydrate

Be it from fruit, veggie, grain, this is the energy piece of your snack. You will want to adjust the type of carbohydrate you choose depending on your day. Are you going to work out later? Grab a starchy carbohydrate! Is this a mid-day snack while sitting at work? Aim for higher fiber carbs from fruits and veggies. Are you tired and looking for a boost? Incorporate high antioxidant carbs with lots of b-vitamins from foods like sweet potatoes or berries.

#2 Some form of protein

The second piece of your perfect snack puzzle is including some form of protein with a goal of 10-20 grams. This is an adequate amount to keep your energy high, replenish your protein pool, and keep your muscle repair process turned on all day long.

When you build a snack you really need both these pieces. For example, have you ever eaten just an apple and felt more hungry after eating it? That is because you were missing the protein piece. Try this snack again but add a cheese stick and you will find your energy lasts quite a bit longer!


My favorite snacks are:

  1. 1 oz beef jerky with an apple
  2. 1 cup of unshelled or 2 cups of shelled edamame with a cup of coffee
  3. Polar Joe Protein Powder (don’t forget to enter “FUELHERAWESOME” for a discount at checkout.
  4. Greek yogurt with berries
  5. Dried apricots and pistachios— this one also boosts your potassium!!


Let me know what you come up with! Happy snack-attacking friends! Be sure you tune in every morning this week for mini episodes on Empowered Eating!  And if you are ready for more there are 3 ways I can support you:

1) 1:1 Coaching

2) Food Foundations, a self-paced e-course. If you want to learn more about my methods check out my free workshop and additional info at

3) Next Level Nutrition LIVE Group Coaching Mastermind! Next Level Nutrition kicks off in a couple of weeks so snag your spot today! This is a 10-week program where we use the Empowered Eating model to build our nutrition skills with accountability.

It is going to be an incredible year sisters! And I can’t wait to cheer you on.


Cheers, and happy eating!

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Pumpkin is the mascot of fall. Being that we’re headed into Thanksgiving season, I can assure you that fall has exploded in my house with more than 50 pumpkins on display and my pantry now full of pumpkin EVERYTHING! While I am aware of how basic this sounds, there is more to these popular gourds than the trends give them credit for…

The stellar nutritional value.

Pumpkins are nutritional rockstars packed with enough vitamin C and beta carotene to immediately boost your immune system and more potassium than a banana. Potassium in particular is a mineral that rocks because it helps us repair and rebuild muscle damage. Being a mama who wants to be strong enough to play with my boys until they won’t let me, maintaining a strong body is important to me. The secret to strength is what I call P2: protein x potassium. Protein is like Batman and potassium is like Robin when it comes to muscle maintenance. Potassium isn’t required (like Robin), but it sure helps get the job done! Pairing pumpkin with protein, like in this yummy CrockPot chili, is a great way to keep your body strong!  Check out my KRQE news segment for more pumpkin recipes!

Pumpkin OR Pumpkin SPICE?

I love pumpkin, but let’s be honest… the flavors we savor are actually the spices in Pumpkin Spice. Good news! There are also awesome benefits packed into these spices! Take cinnamon for example: when you eat carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into glucose. Glucose then binds with insulin to move into your cells, which is were our daily energy comes. So that pumpkin pancake you just ate turned into the energy you used to chase your kiddo. Cinnamon is a spice that has proven to accelerate the movement of glucose into your cells meaning you turn that pumpkin pancake into energy QUICKER. #nutritionhack Who doesn’t need more energy, faster??? 

The real reason I love pumpkins…

…doesn’t actually have to do with the fact that you can eat them, rather what they represent: a change in season. I don’t know about you, but some years are harder than others and this year has been one that brought me unexpected challenges. Nature’s cyclic change is like a blanket of comfort as it reminds me that there are also seasons of life, and just like summer ends this season will also pass. I hope the pumpkin EVERYTHING that you see this fall reminds you that life also happens in seasons. And there is always hope that with the new season there are new opportunities and excitements (like the return of This Is Us…eeeeeek). I will pray that the pumpkins you will no doubt see this season nudge you with peace, give you a little perspective… and remind you to get your potassium. 🤓