3 Secrets To Feeling Confident In Your Body (IMMEDIATELY!)

3 Secrets To Feeling Confident In Your Body (IMMEDIATELY!)

Do you struggle with feeling confident in your body? Welcome to the club! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s estimated up to 90% of women out there feel uncomfortable in their body. If you’re among the 90%, you’re obviously in good company and this is exactly why we’re here having this conversation!

The fact is, we do live in our body and whether we like it or not, we will do ourselves a huge favor if we learn to get a bit more comfortable TODAY.

I have a FREE workshop for you guys on my website: How To Feel Confident In Your Body Without Obsessing Over Food.

feeling confident in your body

Today we are breaking down 3 Secrets to feeling more confident in your body, immediately!

#1) Check in on your social media use.

The research could not be more clearly showing that this is impacting and changing the way we view our bodies. Research has shown that as few as six seconds of scrolling can lower our body confidence. Just six seconds!!! I have felt this firsthand, have you? I’ve also seen it and the clients I work with. I had a gal come in one day at 1 o’clock. When we started talking she said she was having a really rough body image day, but she didn’t start the day this way. 

She said she started the day feeling really confident in her body. Then, all of a sudden after lunch, it’s like something just completely switch!  We looked at her day and started to backtrack. What was she doing? Who was she talking to? We get to the point right before lunch and she said she sat down and got on TikTok. So, I asked her if I could see her feed. When she pulled it out, we both gave a chuckle. Anybody would have been triggered by her feed!

It was full of fitness gurus in little to no clothing, diets, and images of women’s body parts (you know the photos that cut off their heads)! We very quickly connected the dots to show that her time on these platforms, especially when she is in autopilot mode, was a time she was set up to feel less than adequate. Once we are able to make that connection, we set some boundaries around social media. It was a game-changer for her, and I know it will be for you too!

#2 Buy clothes that fit!

I know I know you might be in a part of your journey where your body is changing. Maybe you’re pregnant, maybe your postpartum, maybe you have gained or lost weight or you have goals that are associated with changes. Here’s the thing, no matter where you are, that’s where you are today! And when we can get really honest about where we are, it is incredibly powerful because it shifts our mentality to living in the moment. And guess where all your power is… in the moment!

For example, if you are trying to get yourself to go to the gym one of the worst things you can do is have clothes that feel uncomfortable or don’t fit. You’re already walking into a place that is out of your comfort zone and if you combine that with physically uncomfortable clothing you’re setting yourself up to do double the mental work!

#3 Do some sort of resistance training and increase your protein!

As women, we need more protein and this becomes increasingly important as we age. Adequate protein intake allows us to replenish our amino acid pool within our body leading us to feel stronger. In addition to protein, research shows people who incorporate some sort of resistance or weightlifting feel better in their bodies. Sign me up for that! When I started weightlifting (after my first son was born) it was completely out of my comfort zone. But it was WORTH IT!

I cannot convey in words how empowering it has become to have heavy weights on my back and do a squat. Most of all, these feelings of empowerment really shined up when I went to Costco about six months later and I could lift the bag of 40-pound dog food! I felt so strong and so proud of myself! I know you will feel the same with this body bully lethal combo!

As we enter February, the season of love, my hope is that you can extend some of that love to your own self in your own body. And you can start with these three things! I want you to try these 3 secrets to success and watch how it completely changes how you talk to your body. I hope this blesses you today and in case no one told you today, you are awesome!


Cheers and happy eating!

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Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powder! Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith.

Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powder! Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith.

Is Protein Powder something I should supplement with?

How is it processed?

Does it actually work?

I had all these questions too! That is why I reached out to the expert. Today, I am bringing Darcy Higgins, CEO of Gruppo Nutrition and Polar Joe, to talk to us about the production, processing, and science behind protein powder.

Gruppo Nutrition is a sports drink company that targets athletes and more recently he launched Polar Joe to expand his fuel-forward philosophy beyond athletes.

I personally am a big fan of these products! I have a serving of Polar Joe most days! I asked him to come to the show today to unpack the details on how protein supplements are made, processed, and if they really are a healthy option.

Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powder! Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith

When it comes to protein here is everything you need to know about protein powder:

1. Consuming doses of protein has advantages over having small amounts throughout the day.

Research shows that when people have a low amount of protein throughout the day, they don’t get the same benefits as they do when they have 20-30g doses 3-6 times per day.

2. You need more of it as you get older.

When you were 18, you could have 6g of protein and turn on the muscle repair process. As we age, we have a harder time turning triggering that process. As an adult, we need closer to 20-30g doses of protein to trigger muscle repair. Our total protein needs also go up as our body has a more difficult time building muscle.

3. Look for leucine.

Leucine is a specific amino acid that is known as the “trigger” protein. It is the one that gets into our muscles and says “Let’s start building!” Leucine can be found in dairy products, beef, chicken, eggs, nuts, and soybeans. It is very high in concentration in whey protein powders.

 Pro-tip: It tastes better with coffee.

Most of us need more protein than we can CONVENIENTLY eat within a day. This is exactly why I am a big fan of supplementing with protein. When choosing a protein powder, look for those that have little added ingredients. If you choose whey protein, choose one that is a “whey isolate” instead of a whey concentrate.

For my favorite whey protein powder check out Polar Joe and enter “fuelherawesome” at checkout for 15% off!

My personal favorite? Their Match Pro-TEA is where it is at! This combines some of the incredible benefits of matcha with protein powder.

I am literally drinking mine as I write this!

Are you loving becoming an Empowered Eater? This podcast is here to support you weekly, but it only scratches the surface. For more info on how you can become an empowered eater grab my FREE WORKSHOP: HOW TO BECOME CONFIDENT IN YOUR BODY WITHOUT OBSESSING OVER FOOD. You will get all the deets on the top 3 mistakes I see people make that prevents them from becoming an empowered eater. Stop what you are doing now! Watch it! So you can avoid making these mistakes.

Bottom line… it is time to drop the body and food hang-ups because you are way too awesome to carry them any longer. Plus as women doing all the things, we don’t have time to waste any energy! Can’t wait to see you in there! As for the show, I will see you right back here at Fuel Her Awesome next Monday!

Cheers friends, and happy eating!

Interview with Polar Joe CEO & Founder, Darcy Haggith
Is It Healthy Discipline or Black-And-White Thinking? How To Stay Out Of All-Or-Nothing Thinking Around Your Food and Fitness!

Is It Healthy Discipline or Black-And-White Thinking? How To Stay Out Of All-Or-Nothing Thinking Around Your Food and Fitness!

Is It Healthy Discipline or Black-And-White Thinking? How To Stay Out Of All-Or-Nothing Thinking Around Your Food and Fitness!

For anyone with a history of black-or-white thinking, trying something new or setting a new goal can be overwhelming…. Because when we operate in black-or-white thinking, we are operating in a PASS OR FAIL mentality.

Then there is this other word I want to unpack: healthy discipline. If you are like me, you may have a bit of an aversion to this word. And after years of exploring I have come to find that black-or-white thinking taints discipline. This in turn inhibits our ability to set and accomplish new goals… ultimately, keeping us stuck in our health journey.

So today I am making a case for discipline, and spelling out why it is SO different from black-and-white thinking and how to not confuse the two so we set ourselves up for success!

I am so pumped to cover this topic because I wish someone would have sat down and talked this through with me years ago. It honestly took me years to navigate this and find a safe, empowering way to return to discipline without becoming obsessive or becoming engulfed in shame, or returning to rigidity.

I have noticed lately this has been a theme in many of my 1:1 topics of conversation with clients. It is a personal discussion and one that often requires outside prompting to work through. We live in our own stuff- we need someone who isn’t in our heads to ask us questions to get out of our heads and into the work. I would love to be that person for you. Details on working 1:1 with me can be found at jessbrownrd.com

black-and-white thinking food fitness

Ok, let’s dive in!

According to research, thinking in binary terms can actually change the way we perceive the world, conditioning us to miss nuances.

In the Empowered Eating world- I see this pop up the most when someone is working to introduce intentional eating, or targeting eating, after years of dieting and possibly disordered eating.

If you are early on in your journey. Maybe you have only recently started your Empowered Eating journey there are steps you must go through first. You have to deconstruct some of the negative narrative. You have to identify your values and how they ignite your health goals. This is what we do in steps 1 and 2 in my signature e-course before we move into nutrition. When people skip these two steps and jump right into the nutrition actions like reducing sugar or eliminating gluten (ps I am not recommending that, I am just passing on what I hear y’all say) we set ourselves up for there to be a right way and a wrong way.

And then when we mess up – we get in stuck in a shame box.

We stay stuck.

When we are making changes to our diet and exercise will it be hard? Yes! Will it require commitment and discipline – you betcha!

Can you do it without getting caught up in black-or-white thinking – absolutely!

Here is how:

Discipline rooted in values creates resiliency.

We can do the hard thing because it means better things are on the way. Discipline rooted in shame or insecurity makes us anxious. We end up avoiding, procrastinating or repeating old patterns.

👉🏼 Rigidity operates with the currency of shame.

👉🏼 Discipline operates with a focus on curiosity and a goal of growth.

👉🏼 Rigidity is rooted in insecurity and comparison

👉🏼 Discipline is rooted in a desire to be better than yesterday’s version of you and to serve a greater purpose.

👉🏼 Rigidity doesn’t allow error, discipline learns with every step.


Here is your litmus test:

When things go awry, how will I react?


If you are trying a new workout routine that requires getting to the gym: When I don’t make it X amount of times how will I react?

Black or white thinking: I didn’t make it to the gym today and taking a walk isn’t worth it.

Discipline: I will look at what limited my ability to make it happen, and work my week differently next week. OR, I didn’t make it to the gym, but I could go for a quick walk this afternoon.


If you are trying to follow a fuel plan that keeps desserts for the weekends only: How will you react if you decide to have a cookie at the office?

Black and white thinking: Well now my diet is ruined! May as well stop for fast food on the way home!

Discipline: Well, that didn’t go as planned! That cookie was so good. What did my biofeedback say about that cookie and is it in alignment with my values and goals?


Bottom line: “discipline = freedom”. And as my favorite verse says in 2 Timothy— God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Will we struggle? Yes!

Can we overcome this? Absolutely.

Leave space for some grace and you will no double stay out of black-or-white thinking and stick to discipline.


This podcast is here to support you weekly, but it only scratches the surface. For more info on how you can become an empowered eater grab my FREE WORKSHOP on how to become confident in your body without obsessing over food at jessbrownrd.com. Don’t forget to join me right here next Monday… where I can’t wait to fuel your awesome.


Cheers my sweet friend, and happy eating!

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How Changing Her Mindset Transformed Her Health With Empowered Eating! Interview With Hannah Wood.

How Changing Her Mindset Transformed Her Health With Empowered Eating! Interview With Hannah Wood.

All her life she was told her body wasn’t good enough and that it needed to be fixed… 

…and because Hannah believed this for so long, she was never able to feel confident in her body or make health changes stick. 

As diets came and went with no lasting results, shame stacked upon shame and this perpetuated the thought that something was wrong with her body.

If you believe your body is inherently wrong, why would you be motivated to take care of it?

In today’s episode my long-time client and Next Level Nutrition student, Hannah Wood, is sharing her journey from body war to body peace and how this transformed her health. 

It hasn’t been easy for her. Especially in the culture we live in that tells us we must be thin to be healthy. Against it all, Hannah has found a better way.

She knows her body is worthy of respect.

She now feels inspired to take care of her body.

She now has found a way to integrate exercise and empowered eating skills that actually stick!

Hannah discovered how empowered eating creates values-based health goals so you don't have to fight with your body

Hannah discovered how empowered eating creates values-based health goals so you don’t have to fight with your body. How did she get here? Let me break it down for you in three Steps:

1. Create values-based health goals

To shift our outcome we have to shift our mindset. And to make a mindset sustainable it has to be tied to what you value most. The coolest part about Stef’s story is that she leaned into her values, hard! She restructured all her goals around what is most important to her instead of obsessing over weight loss.

The ironic part? When she approached food and exercise through this new perspective, she still lost weight. But it wasn’t from in an obsessive, unsustainable way… instead, it was done with patience and there was peace every step of her journey. For more support on setting up your values and creating values-based health goals check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

2. Learn about biofeedback

Biofeedback is simply a fancy word for what your body says about food. Yes, we know what the headlines say and what your favorite Instagram influencer says. There are about a million videos on TicTok that outline what you should and shouldn’t eat… but what does your BODY SAY? The art of biofeedback is life-changing.

Learning to interpret what your body says about food and adjust your eating accordingly removes all guilt and shame from the equation. It is a step that must come BEFORE any fuel planning or nutrition changes. It is THE step that will make your fuel plan changes sustainable.

In Hannah’s story, it was the light bulb that turned on and forever changed her relationship with food. For more details on what it is and how to identify biofeedback, check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

3. Gradually work on your customized Fuel Plan

Nutrition science is so cool. There is a reason I geek out about it. Although, if it wasn’t my full-time career I would be overwhelmed because there is so much out there!! This is why I find such joy in creating customized fuel plans. It is where my years of schooling and education meet your hard work, your story, your genetics, and your goals.

I know Hannah’s story will leave you feeling inspired. If it moves you to take that next step, Next Level Nutrition is accepting applications through TODAY! Next Level Nutrition is our LIVE Group Coaching Mastermind! Next Level Nutrition kicks off in a couple of days so snag your spot NOW! Check out all the details and snag your spot at https://jessbrownrd.com/nextlevelnutrition/.

Cannot wait to see what you can do when you live empowered!

Cheers, and happy eating!

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Healthy Snacks: How To Build An Energy-Boosting Snack!

Healthy Snacks: How To Build An Energy-Boosting Snack!

Healthy snacks are the topic of today’s show. We are shifting into the nutrition science piece of the Empowered Eating puzzle. This is where the practical tools come in. Mindset first, then tactics my friends! This entire week I will be dropping mini-episodes with tactical nutrition tips. As for today- we are talking about the snack attack!

Should we be snacking?

How often?

And on what?

Your life will be better after you tackle this one… because those who snack are less hungry. And the world needs fewer hungry people. Let’s break this down!

Should we be snacking? YES! The eat-digest-reset cycle takes about 2-4 hours. So if you are hungry every 2-4 hours later… Congrats! You are doing it right! You ate an adequate amount that allowed you to fuel your body, digest the food, and your body is now ready for the next one!

This answers the next question: How often should we eat? The secret here lies in how close you pay attention to your biofeedback. Tuning into your hunger can guide you on your appropriate time interval at which you need to eat! If you have more than 4 hours between meals, plan to have a snack. This will keep your energy up, prevent extreme hunger which typically leads to overeating, and overall allow you to feel better!

woman eating some healthy snacks

What should we be snacking on?

When you are building a snack there are two things you will need:

#1 Some form of carbohydrate

Be it from fruit, veggie, grain, this is the energy piece of your snack. You will want to adjust the type of carbohydrate you choose depending on your day. Are you going to work out later? Grab a starchy carbohydrate! Is this a mid-day snack while sitting at work? Aim for higher fiber carbs from fruits and veggies. Are you tired and looking for a boost? Incorporate high antioxidant carbs with lots of b-vitamins from foods like sweet potatoes or berries.

#2 Some form of protein

The second piece of your perfect snack puzzle is including some form of protein with a goal of 10-20 grams. This is an adequate amount to keep your energy high, replenish your protein pool, and keep your muscle repair process turned on all day long.

When you build a snack you really need both these pieces. For example, have you ever eaten just an apple and felt more hungry after eating it? That is because you were missing the protein piece. Try this snack again but add a cheese stick and you will find your energy lasts quite a bit longer!


My favorite snacks are:

  1. 1 oz beef jerky with an apple
  2. 1 cup of unshelled or 2 cups of shelled edamame with a cup of coffee
  3. Polar Joe Protein Powder (don’t forget to enter “FUELHERAWESOME” for a discount at checkout.
  4. Greek yogurt with berries
  5. Dried apricots and pistachios— this one also boosts your potassium!!


Let me know what you come up with! Happy snack-attacking friends! Be sure you tune in every morning this week for mini episodes on Empowered Eating!  And if you are ready for more there are 3 ways I can support you:

1) 1:1 Coaching

2) Food Foundations, a self-paced e-course. If you want to learn more about my methods check out my free workshop and additional info at jessbrownrd.com

3) Next Level Nutrition LIVE Group Coaching Mastermind! Next Level Nutrition kicks off in a couple of weeks so snag your spot today! This is a 10-week program where we use the Empowered Eating model to build our nutrition skills with accountability.

It is going to be an incredible year sisters! And I can’t wait to cheer you on.


Cheers, and happy eating!

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10 Days of Empowered Eating Day #5: Biofeedback Basics

10 Days of Empowered Eating Day #5: Biofeedback Basics

Biofeedback is a key component of Empowered Eating. Biofeedback captures what our body says about or how it responds to the way we move and feed it. The best place to start understanding biofeedback is learning and understanding hunger. Learning how to identify your hunger and discover your fullness is something I cover in detail in my e-course Food Foundations.

But as for today… I am hitting on the #1 key to understanding biofeedback: You much be willing to listen and learn. There is no pass/fail. In order to create a partnership with food and our body, we must learn to listen. And when we listen, it doesn’t mean we are always going to like what we hear.

I had a client with the most wonderful biofeedback story. She was one who loved cereal for dinner. I mean, first of all, who doesn’t love cereal for dinner? I think we all understand and relate!

woman using a ball to exercise

There are so many thoughts that came up for her.  “I shouldn’t have cereal for dinner. It is too high in carbs, there is no protein. But it is so good….” If we can stop the madness for a second, and make room for biofeedback there is so much to learn here. My amazing client tapped into this and thought: “What if instead of trying to fight this, I accept it and observe?” And so she did. She ate cereal for dinner. Yes, it tasted great.

However, once she was able to set down shame and judgment, she was able to see that although the cereal tasted good— it didn’t feel good. She woke up the next morning feeling sluggish. She then allowed herself to test this out 2 more times! Which I celebrated big time! Because this meant she was curious and wasn’t judging herself.

The coolest part is that in doing this she was able to identify that while she COULD have cereal for dinner if she wanted to, it wasn’t something that energized her. She took this even further and recognized that it didn’t serve her and her values because she needed more energy in the mornings! Biofeedback is a beautiful tool, but we must be willing to set down the judgment to access it.

Here again, is where we can lean into our faith. We can rest assured that our body will be ok because God made it more resilient than we give it credit for. WE have space for grace and there is no need for perfection here.

As we kick off 2023, we are building our skills strong to stand on the empowered eating platform. I know fear of failure is real, and trusting the process doesn’t come easy- combine this with all the sparkly new diets that make their way to our socials and the headlines… it is confusing and overwhelming!

I am so glad you are here! I’m Jess, dietitian, wifey, boy mom, and total science and nutrition research junkie. I ask a lot of my body, I don’t have the option to mistreat it mentally or physically. I want to invite you to the Empowered Eating Club where we make values-based, faith-led health goals and create a partnership with food that pairs biofeedback (a fancy word for what your body says about the food you eat) and nutrition science.

Are you ready for this year to be your breakthrough year? I am so excited to cheer you on! For more support check out my resources at jessbrownrd.com or better yet, come and join the Next Level Nutrition group! We are kicking off our next group coaching mastermind in the third week of January. Details can be found at https://jessbrownrd.com/nextlevelnutrition/.

As for today, I am so glad you are here. I pray today’s tip helps you say NO to the lies that are thrown your way, and YES to the awesome that you are. Grab your coffee, pop in your AirPods, and let’s grow together with today’s Empowered Eating Tip…

Cheers, and happy eating!

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