Are You Drinking Enough Water? Biofeedback Markers + Boost Your Beverages To Get The Most Out Of Your Hydration

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Biofeedback Markers + Boost Your Beverages To Get The Most Out Of Your Hydration

Hydration is power. We all need water like we need oxygen. And you think it would be simple: you get thirsty, you drink, you pee, repeat. While this is true, my goal today is to help you level it up. I want you to know what your body says about dehydration and how to recognize it. Beyond this, there is power in hydration and there can be more powerful when you amplify a few details.

Hydration - woman drinking water

Some of you might be pumped to hear this, and some of you might have an automatic resistance to this topic. I believe there are two kinds of “hydraters” out there:

    • Those who drink incessantly. So much that you have to pee on your way in and out of Costco. You are probably so excited about this episode, and can’t wait to get a new water bottle, or add the goodies to your already stellar hydration routine!
    • Then there are those that resist it. For some reason, not drinking adequate water is a place some like to allow their inner rebel to shine and they just don’t want to do it. They don’t like water bottles, they don’t like the inconvenience of peeing midday, and they don’t like water.  My hope is that today’s episode at least convinces you to take your water bottle with you and perhaps spike some interest in adding more.

Whichever category you fall under, or if you are somewhere in-between, there are 2 main goals of hydration:

1. To keep your fluid levels high enough to allow metabolism to function properly. All metabolic processes require H-2-O!

2. Get in the good stuff and balance out some of the beverages that dehydrate.

Now if you are anything like me- once upon a time you lived by the rule “Don’t drink your calories.” If you live here, I understand why. And I want to invite you to challenge this line of thinking because there are major advantages to adding the beverages below. Now I am not talking about adding in sodas or high-sugar coffee beverages (those are awesome, but are more like a dessert or fun food, not everyday nutrition foods). Rather, I am talking about how to use liquids with added bonuses as a way to level up your hydration, and your nutrition, while juggling all the things!

5 Beverage Boosters to add:

1) Protein Powders— Add in protein while you hydrate! My current favorite is Polar Joe: Don’t forget to enter “FUELHERAWESOME” for 10% off any order!

2) Amino Acids— Add before a workout or mid-afternoon to combat fatigue.

3) Tart Cherry Juice before bed— This juice naturally contains melatonin to help you sleep. It also has heavy doses of antioxidants to enhance recovery. Better, more restorative sleep!

4) Notropics— The term “nootropics” is used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental skills. Most people looking to optimize cognitive function have to get the basics first: enough sleep, eating nutrient-dense foods and managing stress. But once you have those basics down, the right nootropics might serve as a bonus, helping you think more clearly or reducing your chances of cognitive decline as you age. My favorites are MudWatr and Magic Mind.

5) Green powders— While they don’t replace fruits and veggies, they are great on the go!

CHEERS to drinking more fluids, and happy eating!

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It Isn’t Lack Of Will Power Holding You Back… It’s THIS! 6 Things Keeping You From Food Freedom

It Isn’t Lack Of Will Power Holding You Back… It’s THIS! 6 Things Keeping You From Food Freedom

It isn’t that it is too hard.


You can trust the process.


It isn’t your lack of will power…

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The things holding you back from food freedom are not what you would expect. In today’s episode, I am breaking down six fear blockers that may be holding you back from food freedom and ultimately empowered eating.

Fast (but not good) results.

If I had a dollar for every person that lost weight quickly and regained it and then some… I would be buying myself a restaurant and inviting y’all in to serve you dinner. Don’t get distracted by she who lost that 10 pounds drinking shakes or doing keto. Those who don’t do the hard work and learn to eat balanced will always be chasing the next diet.

Resistance to natural changes.

Friends!!! It is ok for our bodies to change. We shouldn’t be in the same body we were in high school— we are not the same person! Our stomach that grew a baby should not look the same post-baby! Aging is real and a blessing. I am sorry our culture has told us this is not ok. Let’s take the narrative back.

Unrealistic expectations.

So often we are our own worst enemy. We demand the impossible and are upset when we can’t reach a goal that wasn’t designed for us in the first place. Here is where I love clients to lean into their faith. Where does God want your goals and outcomes to be? What has God given you the capacity and resources to strive for in this season? Keep your eyes here and you will go farther than you dreamed possible.

Not living in the present.

When we are in our head about food and body, we forget to actually connect with our body. Learning to be with food and hear our body’s biofeedback is paramount. It opens the door to empowered eating.

Lack of gratitude.

In a culture that tells us to look and eat a certain way, it is really easy to only see the bad in our bodies. Switch the lens. Find things to be grateful for in your health and physical being. You will be amazed how this transforms your self-view, and ultimately changes how you care for your body.

Inability to find satisfaction in food.

That good or bad food list is one that will haunt you, and ultimately leave you always wanting more on your plate. I know it is scary to legalize all food. What if I overeat? What if I gain weight? Friends! I have good news, the research shows and I see it over and over again… changing the narrative around food changes the way we eat it. Do you want to want to eat healthy foods? Start by saying it’s ok if you don’t.

Want to learn more about empowered eating? Download my FREE 3-Steps To Empowered Eating guide or sign up for Food Foundations today!

Cheers and happy eating!

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Why We Tie Our Weight To Our Worth: The Parallels Between Dieting, Dating, and Romantic Relationships with Toni Marinucci, RD

Why We Tie Our Weight To Our Worth: The Parallels Between Dieting, Dating, and Romantic Relationships with Toni Marinucci, RD

When it comes to healthy eating, do you know which Disney princess you eat like?!?!

Toni Marinucci is a fellow Registered Dietitian and she has a unique (and cool) approach to healing your relationship with food.

Today, Toni is breaking down all the parallels between dieting, dating, and romantic relationships. Listen in to learn how you diet like you date! So many of us are trying to make the diet “shoe” fit, and it’s time to stop the madness and start looking for dieting “marriage” material. Toni shares the 4 Disney princess archetypes and how to identify which Disney princess you eat like! Do you eat like Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, or Ariel? This is a fun one that you don’t want to miss!

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To learn more about Toni, be sure to connect with her on IG @tips_with_toni, check out her website, and you can purchase her book “Once Upon A Diet” on Amazon. 


Cheers and happy eating!

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Need a Health Reset? 3 Steps to Start Fresh This Fall So You Can Hit Your Health Goals!

Need a Health Reset? 3 Steps to Start Fresh This Fall So You Can Hit Your Health Goals!

Summer is full of fun, but after 3 months of vacations, long weekends, sporadic activities, and late nights I am ready for some structure. Is anyone else feeling like they need a health reset after a crazy summer?

If you are anything like me, you know you need a reset but it’s hard to do because the chaos of life feels overwhelming. How do you push the reset button when you feel so far away from where you wanted to be or where you hoped you would be?

The shift into fall is an invitation to reset.

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Below are the three steps I took over Labor Day Weekend to reset and restart:

1. Create space.

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not the person we were in the past.” -Marie Kondo

How often do you try to change habits in old, chaotic environments? Cleaning out and refreshing is the first and best place to start when working to reset your health habits. If you want to set goals with your nutrition and meal planning, start by cleaning out your pantry and fridge. If you want to set goals to change your exercise, clean out your closet and get the right items in place for your new goals. 


2. Align your expectations with your reality and circumstance.

We need to be honest with ourselves regarding what we can and cannot commit to in this present season of life. This is where I pull in my faith, prayer, and ask God to show me where I need to focus my efforts. Sometimes, we have to readjust our goals to match our capacity. Before you consider this “settling” or “giving up”, think of how much better you will feel when you accomplish your goals! Success builds momentum and just because you readjust your goal now, doesn’t mean you won’t get to that bigger goal in a few months.

3. Set a SMART goal— SMART goals are GOLD!

If you know them, you know they help. If you don’t… I am so glad you are here! SMART goals are goals that are set to create a plan for change. Most folks set a goal like: “I want to get stronger” or “I want to feel better in my body.” These are great visions, but they are not goals. Take your visions and break them down into SMART goals:

  • S— Specific. Identify exactly how you plan to work toward your vision. For example, instead of saying “I want to get stronger” you might say: “I want to do 10 push-ups.” Instead of saying “I want to feel better in my body”, map out how you plan to do this such as “I want to feel strong in the gym by feeling confident in my weight lifting posture” or “I want to feel good in a new outfit by having pants that feel comfortable”. Getting clear on the how will help you determine if this is a goal you are ready and able to work on and create an action item list.
  • M— Measurable. How do you plan to measure success? I recommend having at minimum TWO markers of success.  This will help you avoid the shame spiral that often comes up when we don’t meet our own expectations.
  • A— Attainable. Have an honest conversation with yourself to determine if the goal set is one that you truly can work toward in this season of life.
  • R— Relative to your values. How does accomplishing this goal allow you to live more deeply within your values? This is the why behind your how.
  • T— Time relative. Determine how long you want to work toward this goal and set specific check-in points to evaluate your progress.

I am praying this 3-step reset process blessed you as it did me! Cheers to the new season and the next level of our health!

Cheers and happy eating!

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Is Weight Loss The Answer? Why Body Acceptance (Over Weight Loss) Is Your Key To Better Health! Interview with Jenna Waite, Registered Dietitian

Is Weight Loss The Answer? Why Body Acceptance (Over Weight Loss) Is Your Key To Better Health! Interview with Jenna Waite, Registered Dietitian

Are you settling if you let go of weight loss and accept your body? 

How do you learn to feel comfortable in a larger than desired body in a fatphobic world?

Today’s interview is priceless. Jenna Waite is a registered dietitian, a mom to 5, and living in a larger body. In this interview we laugh, we cry, we feel it all about what it is like to live and overcome unworthy feelings attached to your weight. Jenna is brave and vulnerable in today’s episode and it is one every woman needs to hear. 

 You are wonderful.

You are worthy. 

You have gifts the world needs… regardless of your body size.

 After today’s episode, you will know… NO! You are not settling if you decide to accept your body. In fact, this may be the very key to better health. 

 Thank you Jenna for sharing your story! Be sure to connect with Jenna on social @jennawaite_rd and check out her resources here. Be sure you download her FREE Health Habits Cheat Sheet.

 Cheers and happy eating!

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Are You Living On Autopilot? How To Discover Your Purpose And Live Intentionally with Ms. Kate House

Are You Living On Autopilot? How To Discover Your Purpose And Live Intentionally with Ms. Kate House

How is it already almost September?!?!?

While the days are often long, the years sure are short. Part of me knows each day is a gift, and yet I too often get bogged down by the to-do lists and the responsibility.

Autopilot kicks in. 

In today’s interview with THE Ms. Kate House, we are talking about “how to live by design…not default”. This conversation kicks off by making “purpose” feel a lot less scary and more approachable. As a health coach, Kate is skilled at helping others start connecting with their own values and then coaching them on how to take aligned action as guided by purpose – or purposes.

This interview is worth every minute and will no doubt leave you feeling inspired, without a side of overwhelm. Thank you Kate House for your insight and time. For more resources from Kate be sure to connect with her on IG @mskatehouse or check out her podcast Live By Design. And if you are really ready to have her in your corner, her LBD Collective is open and ready for you. 

Cheers and Carpe Diem Friends, 

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