Habits shape our days, which shape our weeks and ultimately direct our year. Most habits are started with good intentions, but all too often turn into unsupportive or sabotaging habits.

Today we are breaking down bad habits. How and why did they start? Then we break through to rebuild healthy habits that not only stick but create the outcomes we are looking for. I believe you have agency over your day and habits are something you can change through psychological flexibility. The key to this is inside today’s episode! 

I am so excited to be wrapping up this Health Hack Mini Series! 

Be sure you tuned into Monday’s episode: My #1 Health Hack for Getting Stronger!
And you don’t want to miss Wednesday’s episode: Energy Hacks For Busy Women! 

If you like these tips, rooted in Empowered Eating… FRIENDS this is just scratching the surface of what we will cover in Next Level Nutrition. We will be covering nutrition hacks on gut health, cycle syncing, fuel planning, how to fuel for exercise and more! This will all be LIVE for 10 weeks. I cannot wait to support you face to face and see you finally reach that next level.

APPLY HERE!! Applications will be accepted through August 21st!

Cheers, and happy eating!

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