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2 Ways To Refresh and Recharge Your Fuel Plan Over The Holidays! Happy Holiday Eating Series EP#4

2 Ways To Refresh and Recharge Your Fuel Plan Over The Holidays! Happy Holiday Eating Series EP#4

This is the season for FOOD!

With so many holiday foods around, there is focus on desserts and drinks. I say, why save all the fun for desserts and alcohol? We can refresh our everyday staples with the same seasonal flavors without losing the nutritional value.

Today we wrap up the final episode of the Happy Holiday Eating series! I am sharing two ways you can refresh and recharge your fuel plan over the holiday season. The best part? It is simply building on foods you are already eating! 

Christmas food
Tip #1: Boost your beverages!

We need to hydrate all year long, but when the weather shifts it can be more challenging to stay motivated. There is no better way to stay motivated to drink than to add some seasonal flavors to your beverages.

My current favorite: The Golden Milk Latte!!! Made with turmeric and milk, this creamy hug in a mug is a great blend of protein from the milk and nutrition from a unique spice. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a naturally potent anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting spice that not only has healing properties, but it also tastes really good in a cozy latte! It helps to consume it with black pepper.

Pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric by up to 2,000%. Curcumin is also fat soluble, which means it breaks down and dissolves in fat or oil. That’s why it may be a good idea to take curcumin supplements or have turmeric with a meal that contains fat. In this case, using almond milk or 2%/whole milk is ideal. And I know, I know… turmeric and pepper in a latte? Sounds weird, but I swear it is delicious!


Tip #2: Refresh Your Staples with Seasonal Flavors!

Most would agree that the easiest meal to eat with balance and intentionality is breakfast. We don’t have the normal distractions or extra options that we might have at meals later in the day. Over the holidays, take this one meal and refresh it with seasonal flavors. My rubric for breakfast (and this is true for most of the fuel plans I write) is to include at least 20g of protein with natural color.

If you work out in the morning, you will also need to add a high-fiber carb to this meal.  Smoothies, oatmeal, and Greek yogurt are common bases for many breakfasts. Below are some ideas on how to seasonally spice these up!

Make a Gingerbread Smoothie! Recipe @jessbrownrd or make your own cranberry sauce to replace berries in your oats or Greek yogurt.

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

I know you are loving the Empowered Eating approach to food and wanting more details. This is why I created the FREE Body Confidence Method Workshop. I created this training to help you feel more confident and strong in your body without obsessing over food or wasting time on another failed diet. You in???

Until next time… cheers and happy holiday eating!

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Nervous About Holiday Weight Gain? These TWO Tips Will Change Everything!! Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #3

Nervous About Holiday Weight Gain? These TWO Tips Will Change Everything!! Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #3

What if I gain weight over the holidays?

My mission today is to help you manage your thoughts around this topic so we do 2 things: prevent extreme changes in weight and how to accept the small fluctuations… because sister, it is normal this time of year.

For any of you wanting to solidify your empowered eating journey, Food Foundations is my signature program where I teach you how to feel strong and confident in your body without obsessing over food or wasting time on another failed diet. This is the real deal where you learn empowered eating. And I have a little surprise for all of you Food Foundations students…

I am adding a special something that ONLY YOU have access to as a Food Foundations student. Something that has been on my heart to serve and support you all in a greater capacity. So, any of you who are currently enrolled be sure to check your email from me this week! The details and updates will be sent directly to you or you can go on into the Food Foundations platform and details will be in the welcome and congrats models. Eeeek! So excited to see you all there.

Eating over the holidays

All right, all right… let’s get ready for this one today. We are talking about the one thing most people fear over the holidays… weight gain. While this is a challenging topic, I am here with you to face it head-on so it doesn’t steal your joy this year… who else is in?

Today, I have two key points for you. I want to invite you to take these two tips into the holidays so you can grow in your own empowered eating journey.

#1 Stand assured and confident in the top 3 healthy habits you have committed to maintaining.

On Halloween I dropped an episode called “Do you swing from restoration to overeating? What to do differently this holiday season” and here I invited you to commit to your top 3 healthiest, best habits. The intention here is to give us confidence in what we ARE DOING.

This is our commitment to ourselves, this is our date with ourselves, and ultimately this is where we solidify the hard work we have done all year. This is the discipline side. I want to remind you of your top three and invite you to stay strong and committed to those throughout the month of December. For me that is my workout routine, mindfully eating desserts, and making one of my 3 meals a veggie-based meal.

#2 Accept fluctuation— normal fluctuations are anywhere from 1-7# in a day.

When weight changes overnight, it isn’t necessarily reflective of a consistent change rather it is more likely you are capturing a fluctuation based on your environment. Your body isn’t the problem here, rather it is simply a shift because of circumstance.

I would expect a change after any thanksgiving day, traveling, a late night, drinking alcohol, or having a larger meal before bed (say at a holiday party). Where we can start to weave in trusting our body is by giving ourselves space for this fluctuation WHILE returning to tip #1, and maintaining our top 3.

This is how we avoid the all-or-nothing mentality! Nobody gains weight because they had one larger meal at thanksgiving. Sure, you may feel puffy or bloated, but your body didn’t flip a switch and decide to stop metabolizing food and hold on to every bite. This is not what causes holiday weight gain.

What causes holiday weight gain is when we get to that next morning and feel icky… and decide to either hop on the restrict-then-overeat merry-go-round or decide it is the holidays so we may as well throw in the towel and we can “get back to it in the New Year.”

Can you hear the all-or-nothing lens on those responses?

To build trust in our body we will need to give it a bit of grace (that is accepting the fluctuations) while continuing to care for it (and in this case that is staying committed to your top 3). This is the balance of discipline with sprinkles of flexibility. I am wishing that for all of you as we go into Thanksgiving week and the last month of the year. I am praying for you to find more peace and body gratitude this week than you ever have before.

Cheers my sweet friends, and happy holiday eating!

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How To Politely Decline (So You Can Say YES To The Holiday Foods You Actually Want!) Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #2

How To Politely Decline (So You Can Say YES To The Holiday Foods You Actually Want!) Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #2

Welcome to episode #2 of the Happy Holiday Eating Series!! 

Today we are talking about how to politely decline foods when you want to say “No!” so you can feel free to say yes to what you really want! This one is for all the people pleasers out there as I share the how to say no framework. We are talking about boundaries babe and I have 2 steps on how to say no (nicely of course) and draw boundaries with food this holiday season.

Why?? Because, it is hard to say no to food, especially when it is from people we love. 

say no to food

I am so excited to talk about this topic because boundary setting is crucial to our own success. There are two parts to why I love this discussion of boundaries: 

#1- It is empowering!

When we learn to say yes and no to the foods that best support our body it tremendously contributes to letting go of guilt because we stand confident in our own choices.

#2- What we practice on our plate we learn to exhibit in our life.

Empowered Eating is life-changing. Can I go deep for a second?

In the words of author Geneen Roth:  “The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive. Your relationship with food is an exact mirror of your feelings about love, fear, anger, meaning, and transformation.” 

So often we divert our emotions onto our feelings about food and our body. At face value, it feels easier to “fix” our body than it does to “fix” the hard things. We use food as a coping tool (be it restriction or binging).

So while this is true from a negative angle, I know it also to be true from a positive angle! When we learn empowered eating we are learning empowered living. Truly the empowered eating model can be applied anywhere. It is so cool how this model can be reshaped to fit each area of our life. Food is a doorway to a deep sense of living. This is MY FAVORITE part of my job. This is the part where I have to pinch myself…. When I see my clients go from chaotic, confused eating and insecurity to empowered eating… and then it turns into empowered living. Suddenly their healthy body and mindset are now their platform for their awesome. I love watching it. I lived this and I have to tell you… the work is worth it!

If you are thinking: Jess! I want in on the empowered eating life but don’t know how to get there. I have all these resources for you over at You can learn more about my empowered eating model in my self-paced e-course Food Foundations or I would love to walk with you as your personal coach. But as for today… below are your two steps to politely decline.

Step #1 A quick lesson on disappointing people.

When we say no to something, there is a chance we will disappoint someone. Food is a love language and so often we express our love, especially during the holidays, in the form of food. Here is the good news, you get to decide who you are going to disappoint. And it gets easier over time.

In one of my all-time favorite books “Present over Perfect” Shanna Niequest says that in order to feel comfortable saying no and disappointing people we need this: “What you need along the way is a sense of God’s deep, unconditional love and a strong sense of your own purpose. Without those 2 you’ll need from people what is only God’s to give, and you’ll give up on your larger purpose in order to fulfill smaller purposes or other people’s purposes.”

How this applies to our plate is that we need a deep sense of our definition of health and our goal in how we want to take care of our body. If you are thinking that sounds great but how do I figure this out? I have an entire module on this in Food Foundations where you take the time to establish your value and redefine health. It is so crucial. Because in any health journey, learning how to say no to food when it doesn’t fit your goal is a link in the chain that you need to be solid.

Step #2— Finding the words to politely decline.

I once heard the quote that “No is a complete sentence.” I like to add thank you to that and think “No thank you” is a complete sentence. In other words, your no’s don’t need an explanation attached and you have the authority to just say no. Now… as I mentioned I am a recovering people pleaser and this sounds really great in theory but it is hard for me! So here are some other ways to lovingly say no thank you:

“I am deeply honored you made this for me. Unfortunately, my current health circumstance requires that I pass this time.”

“Thank you for the thought you put into this! While I would love to, I have health focuses that won’t allow me to eat this at this time.”

“This looks so delicious! While I am unable to partake, I know many others will thoroughly enjoy this!”

Cheers, and happy holiday eating!

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How to Mindfully Eat This Holiday Season So You Don’t Overeat or Battle Guilt. Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #1

How to Mindfully Eat This Holiday Season So You Don’t Overeat or Battle Guilt. Happy Holiday Eating Series EP #1

Healthy Holiday Eating Series EP #1 is here!!! Some of you might think “YAY!” and get on my level about the holidays. Is anyone else ready to start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween??? Or maybe you are not of those people and hearing this made you gag a little.

I will tell you friends I haven’t always been this chipper about the holiday season. There was a season that this time really stressed me out. I would enter the holiday season nervous about seeing people— I didn’t want them to see me and witness the weight I gained or felt like I gained that year. I didn’t want to be around all the food, knowing every bite would be an internal battle. Don’t eat this, but I want to eat this, ok fine one bite, crap!

It is so good now I want it all! Insert all the food followed with boatloads of guilt and play this scenario on repeat all season long. It stole precious time from me and robbed me of joy during the holidays.

holiday food

Whatever emotion you bring into the holiday season I am here to be a little voice in your ear to let you know you have the power to rewrite your experience THIS year. This doesn’t have to be a season you GET THROUGH, rather you hold the key to making it a season you not only grow through… but find joy in.

Today I am kicking off a 3-episode series: Happy Holiday Eating and my mission here is this: To help you find that sparkle this holiday season. Regardless of your past experiences with holidays, your food struggles, the weight you may or may not have gained this year, despite the difficult people you might be around or the busy schedule that we all have coming…

I don’t want to hear any of you say “I just need to get through the holidays” no sisters, we are here to be in the moment, especially during the holiday season and we hold the key to our own happiness.

This is where we let our empowered eating skills not only shine on our plates, but they also show up in how we live. I am praying this prepares you and encourages you this holiday season… today’s episode is on mindful eating and how this is the key to keeping you from overeating or battling guilt. Are you ready to grow?

Here are 3 steps to mindful eating this holiday season:
#1 Work your values into your thought process

— This needs to always be step one. Learning to lead with your values changes everything. I see it over and over again, and I have done it too… we allow body modification or our body insecurities to lead our health goals instead of our values.

Allowing your values to be the first step in your health journey is what will change everything. This is why I have Values-Based Goal Setting as one of the first modules in Food Foundations. Before I ever recommend a fuel plan, I want you to take the time to redefine health based on your values.

Sure- somebody’s change might be a part of the outcome, but it isn’t our reason. In other words, if you want to lose weight or see more definition in your arms these aren’t necessarily bad things to want but if they are our sole reason our motivation will be short-lived because it is superficially rooted.

When we allow the why behind our how to be based on what we value most… like our family, our faith, our need for more energy to do better and more in our career… this is a game changer.

#2 Reframe guilt

— All of us have done it. We eat something and the guild floodgates open. “I shouldn’t have eaten that!” “I ate too much.” “Now I can’t eat the next meal.” “I am so mad I did that but now I want more.” It is a crappy place to be.

Today I want to invite you, friends, to consider the flip side of guilt. Feeling guilty can actually be a good sign because we are recognizing areas of the importance of the action we didn’t choose. If we could freeze here instead of going into body bully mode there is a lot we can learn from guilt.

#3 Integrate these 2 Mindful Eating checkpoints

1. The 5 Senses Check— is a quick tool to help you be and stay present. Check-in with all five senses before you start eating.

 2. Midpoint Check— halfway through any meal/snack check in with yourself. How does this taste? What has changed with your hunger and fullness cues? A great tool for this is the hunger/satiety scale which we go over in detail in Food Foundations. Learning this part is honestly life-changing. I know it was for me. This is what transformed my experience with holiday foods and allowed me to enjoy without overeating and thus feeling guilty.

It is a beautiful thing when you can eat your favorite holiday treat, enjoy it, and move on. This is what I want for you all this holiday season. I am praying this encourages you all and sending you a holiday hug! Be sure you tune in next week as we continue this series Happy Holiday Eating!

Cheers, and happy holiday eating!

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Do You Swing From Restriction To Overeating? What To Do DIFFERENT This Holiday Season!

Do You Swing From Restriction To Overeating? What To Do DIFFERENT This Holiday Season!

… that is the question.

Halloween kicks off what I call the food holiday season! From today until Valentine’s Day, there will be food EVERYWHERE. This can bring up so much…

How do I navigate the extra food?
What if I overeat?
What happens if I gain weight?

How can I stay focused on my goals? I know it is possible to enjoy holiday foods while setting appropriate boundaries and continuing to feel good. In today’s episode, I have 3 to-do’s to kickstart your empowered eating holiday season.

Halloween candy

Empowered Eating: Created values-based, science-supported, and biofeedback-adjusted goals.


— To successfully navigate the holidays we have to establish our focus. I recommend creating values-based, faith-led health goals for this season. Imagine yourself on December 31st reflecting on the year 2022. What went awesome? Where did you struggle?

Now, imagine sitting there by your Christmas tree (in my case that would be one of my 5 Christmas trees) and reflecting on the most recent 2 months. As you reflect on October, November, and December of 2022… what do you see? How did you care for yourself amidst the holiday season?

How did you see yourself come together with others around food? How did you lean into faith and trust your body was divinely crafted? In what ways did you steward your energy to create a present, enjoyable, and generous holiday season? Outside of food, what did you get out of this holiday season?

Confirmation you are on the right path comes with peace. Galatians 5:22 tell us the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. I use this to keep my eyes on the right path.

In Food Foundations, I have journal prompts asking students to explore their health in relation to each of their values. If you have taken Food Foundations- go back to this module and re-visit your values. What role do you want food to play in this season of the year? Joy? Energy source? Connection? Continued discipline? If you haven’t taken Food Foundations, this is a great time to sign up! Go into the holidays ready!


—This is the nutrition science piece. Like knowing your budget, you need to know what your body needs. If you go into the holiday season swiping your credit or debit card for every little thing you want and that appeals to you… you will have a hefty bill to pay come January.

I see many parallels between money and our nutrition budget. On the one hand, we want to have a mindset of abundance and trust that we will have enough, and on the other, we have to be wise to live within our means. I believe it is the same for our nutrition budget.

If we eat, enjoy, and indulge in every little thing that is presented to us over the holiday season we will likely have a health bill to pay come January. We must operate in a mindset of abundance, trusting our bodies. And at the same time, it is imperative to live within our own biological needs.

To keep us from any surprises or unwanted bills in the New Year… let’s set our “budget” now. For nutrition, this means getting the nutrition science piece locked in and understanding what and how much food your body needs and operates well on.


—  What are your top three health habits? Set a goal to maintain these over the holiday seasons. For me, this includes my exercise routine, mindful eating practices when I enjoy desserts, and one veggie-based meal per day.

For more details on how to become an empowered eater download my FREE 3-Steps To Empowered Eating guide today! Or take this journey to the next level and go into the holiday (food) season empowered with your Fuel Plan and Food Foundations e-course.

Cheers, and happy eating! 

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Still Self-Sabotaging? What To Do About It And How To Stop! Interview with Tanja Shaw.

Still Self-Sabotaging? What To Do About It And How To Stop! Interview with Tanja Shaw.

Self-sabotaging? We have all done it… we set the goal to eat “better”. Then we walk into a pizza place and after much deliberation decide “better” will start tomorrow.

I will meal prep Sunday.

The diet starts Monday.

Hanging on by Tuesday…

… only to be followed up by ice cream for dinner on Thursday.

You aren’t alone if these words resonate with you. Self-sabotaging our health goals is something most of us do often. But why? And what happens when we do this?

women smiling

There is some physiology here that is at play against us. We all have a microbiome in our gut. When we take care of our gut by eating enough, balanced meals, and a variety of foods our gut takes care of us. It does this by sending a “tune” to our brain. This “tune” is comprised of metabolic byproducts that are comprised in our gut from the nourishing food we consume.

On the other hand, when we don’t nourish our body with enough food or adequate micronutrition or overeat/binge eat, our microbiome can become disrupted. When our microbiome is disrupted, the “tune” to our brain is negative. The messages (aka neurotransmitters) that are sent to our brain can impact our mood and general mental health.

Oftentimes, when we are trying to break an old habit or introduce a new, healthier habit this tune is negative and making change is more challenging. Think of it like trying to make a wise decision when your kids are loudly, and repeatedly singing “The Wheels on the Bus”. Anyone would have a more difficult time picking a salad over pizza in this situation!

Why?  Because you are human and wanting to feel better is normal. However, knowledge is power, and knowing this can help us overcome it! One of the best things you can do for your mental health is to take care of your gut health.

For more on gut health, you will love my Gorgeous Gut Health Guide found inside Food Foundations!

Taking care of your body requires intentionality. And I believe in doing this well…. WHILE maintaining a sprinkle of flexibility.

So what is the difference between discipline and rigidity?

So much of my work is defining this line.

I wish someone would have helped me work this out years ago… when you struggle with food or exercise or body image, rigidity is the name of your game:

Eat perfectly. Workouts HAVE TO be hard but somehow are NEVER enough. Forever chase that beauty ideal that is impossible to attain, therefore you never feel good enough.

Also, there is a socially defined expiration date on your age- so you better get with it now and never mess up.

Unfortunately, when you live in rigidity for so long, you begin to let it taint discipline.

Here is a little help to separate the two:

👉🏼 Rigidity operates with the currency of shame.

👉🏼 Discipline operates with a focus on curiosity and a goal of growth.

👉🏼 Rigidity is rooted in insecurity and comparison

👉🏼 Discipline is rooted in a desire to be better than yesterday’s version of you and to serve a greater purpose.

👉🏼 Rigidity doesn’t allow error, discipline learns with every step.

Work hard, focus, fail, get up and try again.

Let that rigidity go to make room for discipline.

On today’s episode, I am jamming out with my new friend Tanja Shaw as we discuss the physiology behind self-sabotage and the difference between intentionality and rigidity. To learn more about Tanja Shaw, be sure to connect with her on IG @tanja_shaw or check out her resources at and her podcast The Fit and Vibrant Podcast.

Cheers, and happy eating! 

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What About Second Breakfast? 3 Reasons Why You Need It and How To Get The Most Out Of It!

What About Second Breakfast? 3 Reasons Why You Need It and How To Get The Most Out Of It!

In the words of Lord of The Rings’ Hobbit, Pippin:  

“What about second breakfast?”

Mornings are busy. And if we are lucky to get a balanced breakfast, we are typically hungry by 9:30 or 10AM. Based on biofeedback and nutrition science, I believe Pippin was on to something. 

second breakfast healthy snacks

Second breakfast is a great way to boost your energy! Today I am breaking down 3 reasons second breakfast is worth adding to your routine.

1. Eating a second breakfast is in alignment with biofeedback.

It takes about 2-4 hours for your body to process a meal and snack and be ready for the next one. In other words, if you eat breakfast at 7:30, and then you are hungry again between 9:30-11:30, congrats! You did it right and it is time for a snack… aka second breakfast!

2. It prevents you from overeating at lunch.

How many of you skip breakfast, or try to keep breakfast small, in an effort to “save” your calories for later? I see so many of my clients do this. In my pre-dietitian days, I use to do this as well! Now I see the science behind having solid nutrition in the mornings and I want you to feel the benefits too! Adding in a balanced breakfast and a protein-based snack mid-morning creates beautiful blood sugar curves throughout your morning.

This keeps your cortisol in an optimal place, allows your brain to focus on the tasks at hand, and keeps you from getting hungry before noon! What isn’t to love here? Most people who “save” calories end up overeating at the next meal. I am a big believer that doing so sets us up to overeat or binge. We do our body (and our brain) a favor when we fuel consistently throughout the day.

3. It is a way to get in an extra dose of protein and color.

This is the part where I clarify that when I say second breakfast I am not talking about a pumpkin spice latte and a donut (although every once in a while that is a nice treat)! If we are thinking of using this eating opportunity as a means to nutritiously enhance our day, boost our energy, and fuel our awesome… providing the body with protein and natural color would be the best combo!

Most women don’t eat adequate protein. Therefore, adding in a mid-morning snack give you an opportunity to add in another dose of protein.  This could mean the difference from taking you from eating 75% of your total protein needs to 100%!

Tune in for my favorite GO-TO second breakfast ideas!

For more on how to build your second breakfast into your fuel plan, start with Food Foundations. Here you will get the groundwork taken care of so you can listen and learn from your own biofeedback and get set up with your individualized fuel plan. I can’t wait for ya’ll to feel the energy bump when you experience the benefits of a second breakfast. For all the ladies out there squeezing more into your day than what feels possible, you need all the energy you can get.

Instead of wasting that precious energy on stressing over food— what if you invested a bit of time into your body and health? Instead of the quick fix found in every fad diet out there— what if instead, you learned about your own body and how it connects with food? Food Foundations is your all-encompassing, self-paced course to create your own, customized plan.  I can’t wait to see how you will make more happen in your day with an energy-boosting fuel… and in today’s case… second breakfast.

    Cheers, and happy eating! 

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    Should You Use A Protein Supplement? All The Details On My FAVORITE Protein Powder. Interview with Polar Joe Creator Darcy Haggith

    Should You Use A Protein Supplement? All The Details On My FAVORITE Protein Powder. Interview with Polar Joe Creator Darcy Haggith

    Are protein supplements helpful?

    What is whey protein?

    Can I have whey protein if I am lactose intolerant?

    So many questions about protein supplements, and who better to ask than a microbiologist who created a protein powder?

    On today’s show, Darcy Haggith joins us. He is the leader and founder of Gruppo Nutrition and Polar Joe. He is here to share with us his journey to building a successful protein powerhouse, how he finds work-life balance, why he believes in meeting your protein needs, and what to look for when choosing a protein supplement.

    woman drinking Protein-Infused Drink

    As a dietitian, I am a big fan of whey protein. Whey’s superpowers include a high concentration of the amino acid leucine, which is responsible for turning on your muscle-rebuilding process. This specific protein becomes increasingly important as we get into our 30s and beyond. It is also quick digesting making it an awesome post-workout choice. These benefits are especially prominent in high-quality protein powders. Whey is a protein derived from cow’s milk. When you purchase a whey isolate protein powder, you will get all the benefits of whey with very little lactose. Other forms of whey may be whey concentrate or a general whey blend. These options possess the benefits of whey, however, they are not as pure. Meaning they may contain higher amounts of lactose or other proteins found in cow’s milk. If you are lactose intolerant and want to try whey, I recommend trying out an isolated form first.

    It is also a great option after a workout.

    For most people, hunger hormones are really high or unexpectedly low after a workout. Either way, our body needs fuel after we exercise. Adding a whey protein powder after a workout is an excellent way to meet your fueling needs. This helps manage hunger for those who might be exceptionally hungry. It can also be a resource for fuel for those who aren’t hungry after their exercise sessions. Of course, in true empowered eating fashion, when you include protein powder it is important to always listen to your biofeedback and adjust accordingly. Still hungry? Add in a bowl of yogurt and berries! Feeling full? Feel confident that you have reached your protein needs and the fullness will pass in about an hour.

    As a working mama who is always on the go, I LOVE whey protein.

    It allows me easy access to protein without the hassle and all the convenience. It has become a habit of mine to never leave the house without one of these ready to take. My current favorite is Polar Joe’s Low Sugar Cold Brew. I like this option because I can use it for all fueling purposes! If it is an on-the-go snack, this low-sugar option provides protein, a bit of caffeine, and only a few grams of sugar. This way I can budget my carb intake from a fiber-dense source such as an apple or orange on the go.

    If I want to add this powder as a protein source after my workout— I again have a great option!

    I add it to a sweetened milk substitute to increase the carbohydrate content as I know I will need that to refuel. My current favorite combo is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Oat milk (YUM!) Mixed with 2 scoops of Polar Joe’s Low Sugar Cold Brew. OH! And a little bonus tip here— caffeine after a workout enhances the rate your body moves fuel into your cells. Talk about a PERFECT post-workout snack!

    Our friends at Polar Joe are giving all Fuel Her Awesome listeners 15% off! Enter “Fuelherawesome” at check out to snag the deal!!

      Cheers, and happy eating! 

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      Are You Drinking Enough Water? Biofeedback Markers + Boost Your Beverages To Get The Most Out Of Your Hydration

      Are You Drinking Enough Water? Biofeedback Markers + Boost Your Beverages To Get The Most Out Of Your Hydration

      Hydration is power. We all need water like we need oxygen. And you think it would be simple: you get thirsty, you drink, you pee, repeat. While this is true, my goal today is to help you level it up. I want you to know what your body says about dehydration and how to recognize it. Beyond this, there is power in hydration and there can be more powerful when you amplify a few details.

      Hydration - woman drinking water

      Some of you might be pumped to hear this, and some of you might have an automatic resistance to this topic. I believe there are two kinds of “hydraters” out there:

        • Those who drink incessantly. So much that you have to pee on your way in and out of Costco. You are probably so excited about this episode, and can’t wait to get a new water bottle, or add the goodies to your already stellar hydration routine!
        • Then there are those that resist it. For some reason, not drinking adequate water is a place some like to allow their inner rebel to shine and they just don’t want to do it. They don’t like water bottles, they don’t like the inconvenience of peeing midday, and they don’t like water.  My hope is that today’s episode at least convinces you to take your water bottle with you and perhaps spike some interest in adding more.

      Whichever category you fall under, or if you are somewhere in-between, there are 2 main goals of hydration:

      1. To keep your fluid levels high enough to allow metabolism to function properly. All metabolic processes require H-2-O!

      2. Get in the good stuff and balance out some of the beverages that dehydrate.

      Now if you are anything like me- once upon a time you lived by the rule “Don’t drink your calories.” If you live here, I understand why. And I want to invite you to challenge this line of thinking because there are major advantages to adding the beverages below. Now I am not talking about adding in sodas or high-sugar coffee beverages (those are awesome, but are more like a dessert or fun food, not everyday nutrition foods). Rather, I am talking about how to use liquids with added bonuses as a way to level up your hydration, and your nutrition, while juggling all the things!

      5 Beverage Boosters to add:

      1) Protein Powders— Add in protein while you hydrate! My current favorite is Polar Joe: Don’t forget to enter “FUELHERAWESOME” for 10% off any order!

      2) Amino Acids— Add before a workout or mid-afternoon to combat fatigue.

      3) Tart Cherry Juice before bed— This juice naturally contains melatonin to help you sleep. It also has heavy doses of antioxidants to enhance recovery. Better, more restorative sleep!

      4) Notropics— The term “nootropics” is used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental skills. Most people looking to optimize cognitive function have to get the basics first: enough sleep, eating nutrient-dense foods and managing stress. But once you have those basics down, the right nootropics might serve as a bonus, helping you think more clearly or reducing your chances of cognitive decline as you age. My favorites are MudWatr and Magic Mind.

      5) Green powders— While they don’t replace fruits and veggies, they are great on the go!

      CHEERS to drinking more fluids, and happy eating!

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      It Isn’t Lack Of Will Power Holding You Back… It’s THIS! 6 Things Keeping You From Food Freedom

      It Isn’t Lack Of Will Power Holding You Back… It’s THIS! 6 Things Keeping You From Food Freedom

      It isn’t that it is too hard.


      You can trust the process.


      It isn’t your lack of will power…

      podcast episode cover art

      The things holding you back from food freedom are not what you would expect. In today’s episode, I am breaking down six fear blockers that may be holding you back from food freedom and ultimately empowered eating.

      Fast (but not good) results.

      If I had a dollar for every person that lost weight quickly and regained it and then some… I would be buying myself a restaurant and inviting y’all in to serve you dinner. Don’t get distracted by she who lost that 10 pounds drinking shakes or doing keto. Those who don’t do the hard work and learn to eat balanced will always be chasing the next diet.

      Resistance to natural changes.

      Friends!!! It is ok for our bodies to change. We shouldn’t be in the same body we were in high school— we are not the same person! Our stomach that grew a baby should not look the same post-baby! Aging is real and a blessing. I am sorry our culture has told us this is not ok. Let’s take the narrative back.

      Unrealistic expectations.

      So often we are our own worst enemy. We demand the impossible and are upset when we can’t reach a goal that wasn’t designed for us in the first place. Here is where I love clients to lean into their faith. Where does God want your goals and outcomes to be? What has God given you the capacity and resources to strive for in this season? Keep your eyes here and you will go farther than you dreamed possible.

      Not living in the present.

      When we are in our head about food and body, we forget to actually connect with our body. Learning to be with food and hear our body’s biofeedback is paramount. It opens the door to empowered eating.

      Lack of gratitude.

      In a culture that tells us to look and eat a certain way, it is really easy to only see the bad in our bodies. Switch the lens. Find things to be grateful for in your health and physical being. You will be amazed how this transforms your self-view, and ultimately changes how you care for your body.

      Inability to find satisfaction in food.

      That good or bad food list is one that will haunt you, and ultimately leave you always wanting more on your plate. I know it is scary to legalize all food. What if I overeat? What if I gain weight? Friends! I have good news, the research shows and I see it over and over again… changing the narrative around food changes the way we eat it. Do you want to want to eat healthy foods? Start by saying it’s ok if you don’t.

      Want to learn more about empowered eating? Download my FREE 3-Steps To Empowered Eating guide or sign up for Food Foundations today!

      Cheers and happy eating!

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