Hydration is power. We all need water like we need oxygen. And you think it would be simple: you get thirsty, you drink, you pee, repeat. While this is true, my goal today is to help you level it up. I want you to know what your body says about dehydration and how to recognize it. Beyond this, there is power in hydration and there can be more powerful when you amplify a few details.

Hydration - woman drinking water

Some of you might be pumped to hear this, and some of you might have an automatic resistance to this topic. I believe there are two kinds of “hydraters” out there:

    • Those who drink incessantly. So much that you have to pee on your way in and out of Costco. You are probably so excited about this episode, and can’t wait to get a new water bottle, or add the goodies to your already stellar hydration routine!
    • Then there are those that resist it. For some reason, not drinking adequate water is a place some like to allow their inner rebel to shine and they just don’t want to do it. They don’t like water bottles, they don’t like the inconvenience of peeing midday, and they don’t like water.  My hope is that today’s episode at least convinces you to take your water bottle with you and perhaps spike some interest in adding more.

Whichever category you fall under, or if you are somewhere in-between, there are 2 main goals of hydration:

1. To keep your fluid levels high enough to allow metabolism to function properly. All metabolic processes require H-2-O!

2. Get in the good stuff and balance out some of the beverages that dehydrate.

Now if you are anything like me- once upon a time you lived by the rule “Don’t drink your calories.” If you live here, I understand why. And I want to invite you to challenge this line of thinking because there are major advantages to adding the beverages below. Now I am not talking about adding in sodas or high-sugar coffee beverages (those are awesome, but are more like a dessert or fun food, not everyday nutrition foods). Rather, I am talking about how to use liquids with added bonuses as a way to level up your hydration, and your nutrition, while juggling all the things!

5 Beverage Boosters to add:

1) Protein Powders— Add in protein while you hydrate! My current favorite is Polar Joe: Don’t forget to enter “FUELHERAWESOME” for 10% off any order!

2) Amino Acids— Add before a workout or mid-afternoon to combat fatigue.

3) Tart Cherry Juice before bed— This juice naturally contains melatonin to help you sleep. It also has heavy doses of antioxidants to enhance recovery. Better, more restorative sleep!

4) Notropics— The term “nootropics” is used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental skills. Most people looking to optimize cognitive function have to get the basics first: enough sleep, eating nutrient-dense foods and managing stress. But once you have those basics down, the right nootropics might serve as a bonus, helping you think more clearly or reducing your chances of cognitive decline as you age. My favorites are MudWatr and Magic Mind.

5) Green powders— While they don’t replace fruits and veggies, they are great on the go!

CHEERS to drinking more fluids, and happy eating!

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