All her life she was told her body wasn’t good enough and that it needed to be fixed… 

…and because Hannah believed this for so long, she was never able to feel confident in her body or make health changes stick. 

As diets came and went with no lasting results, shame stacked upon shame and this perpetuated the thought that something was wrong with her body.

If you believe your body is inherently wrong, why would you be motivated to take care of it?

In today’s episode my long-time client and Next Level Nutrition student, Hannah Wood, is sharing her journey from body war to body peace and how this transformed her health. 

It hasn’t been easy for her. Especially in the culture we live in that tells us we must be thin to be healthy. Against it all, Hannah has found a better way.

She knows her body is worthy of respect.

She now feels inspired to take care of her body.

She now has found a way to integrate exercise and empowered eating skills that actually stick!

Hannah discovered how empowered eating creates values-based health goals so you don't have to fight with your body

Hannah discovered how empowered eating creates values-based health goals so you don’t have to fight with your body. How did she get here? Let me break it down for you in three Steps:

1. Create values-based health goals

To shift our outcome we have to shift our mindset. And to make a mindset sustainable it has to be tied to what you value most. The coolest part about Stef’s story is that she leaned into her values, hard! She restructured all her goals around what is most important to her instead of obsessing over weight loss.

The ironic part? When she approached food and exercise through this new perspective, she still lost weight. But it wasn’t from in an obsessive, unsustainable way… instead, it was done with patience and there was peace every step of her journey. For more support on setting up your values and creating values-based health goals check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

2. Learn about biofeedback

Biofeedback is simply a fancy word for what your body says about food. Yes, we know what the headlines say and what your favorite Instagram influencer says. There are about a million videos on TicTok that outline what you should and shouldn’t eat… but what does your BODY SAY? The art of biofeedback is life-changing.

Learning to interpret what your body says about food and adjust your eating accordingly removes all guilt and shame from the equation. It is a step that must come BEFORE any fuel planning or nutrition changes. It is THE step that will make your fuel plan changes sustainable.

In Hannah’s story, it was the light bulb that turned on and forever changed her relationship with food. For more details on what it is and how to identify biofeedback, check out Food Foundations (which is on SALE this week)!

3. Gradually work on your customized Fuel Plan

Nutrition science is so cool. There is a reason I geek out about it. Although, if it wasn’t my full-time career I would be overwhelmed because there is so much out there!! This is why I find such joy in creating customized fuel plans. It is where my years of schooling and education meet your hard work, your story, your genetics, and your goals.

I know Hannah’s story will leave you feeling inspired. If it moves you to take that next step, Next Level Nutrition is accepting applications through TODAY! Next Level Nutrition is our LIVE Group Coaching Mastermind! Next Level Nutrition kicks off in a couple of days so snag your spot NOW! Check out all the details and snag your spot at https://jessbrownrd.com/nextlevelnutrition/.

Cannot wait to see what you can do when you live empowered!

Cheers, and happy eating!

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