How to Become Confident in Your Body
Without Wasting Another Minute Obsessing About Food


All-or-nothing thinking is the trap that keeps you stuck!

I have a super special treat for you all today! My new friend Sarah Dalton, host of The Peace and Productivity Podcast interviewed me for her show… and she graciously allowed me to share it with all of you! Our conversation was so good that we are continuing it TOMORROW on her show… so there is plenty more where this came from!

Sarah is the creator of the Peace and Productivity Planner as well as her online course Peace and Productivity Foundations, which helps moms to gain clarity around their priorities, design rhythms, and learn how to stay focused throughout the day so that they can get things done, have time for themselves, and enjoy the life they are creating. Connect with Sarah on Instagram, Facebook, or check out all her resources on her website

Cheers, and happy moving!