THE SCALE SERIES Continues!!! 

Is the scale worth all the stress and emotion we give to it? 

 Friends, I am so excited to be continuing this 4-week series breaking down ALL THINGS about the scale. In today’s episode, I am sharing 3 TRUTHS about the scale and how you can interpret that number in a way that supports your goals, instead of frustrating yourself! 

 As a dietitian, I weigh lots of people, lots of times. This practice has given me a vantage point when it comes to the number on the scale because it has provided me with time and mass amounts of numerical data points to come to some solid, life-giving solutions around what a person weighs. Tune in today for insight on how to let go of frustration and see only data when you see that number at your feet. 

 For more support in making peace and progress with your weight, be sure to check out Food Foundations. Food Foundations is THE course that will walk you away from diet culture, into food freedom, and to a place where you can finally make healthier food and exercise choices out of desire, instead of obligation.  

Cheers, and happy eating!
Is the scale worth all the stress and emotion we give to it?